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RFC Flashback: Episode 53

rfc-53-big-montagethumbFrom October, 2008, this episode features alternative rock from Ten Carp Lie, a jam-band tune from Corporate Orange, yet another promo clip for the then-new Scarpelli/Kehde musical “Jack The Ripper,” plus the short film, “Charleston Speed Run #1,″ and a sneak peek at the documentary “Weird, Wonderful: The Braxton County Monster,” which made it’s debut at the RFC Halloween Party October 25, 2008, at the La Belle Theater.

We were hitting a pretty solid stride back then, leading into the 2008 Halloween specials. You can read the original production notes HERE.

PopCult and RFC Notes

cross two 03The PopCulteer
January 23, 2015

The PopCulteer that I’d intended to post today is going to be delayed a week so that I can make it way more entertaining. Instead, this week we’ll use this space to catch up on PopCult and Radio Free Charleston stuff.

As my regular readers already know, about three months ago I started producing Radio Free Charleston as a weekly two-hour streaming radio program for New Appalachian Radio. This is in addition to the Radio Free Charleston video show and The RFC MINI SHOW, which fills in during weeks when we don’t have a full-length video episode for you.

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Stuff To Do January 23-24

10914879_10152710844364862_8382134847162459512_oWe’re doing a separate “Stuff To Do” this week because we’ll be posting a very special PopCulteer later today.

The first thing you can do this weekend is head out to your local newsstand or comic book shop and pick up the latest issue of Non Sport Update (seen right). I have an article about trading cards based on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but the whole magazine is cool, and you get four promo cards that are particularly impressive this month.

Remember to check the events calendars at The Charleston Gazette and at Voices of Appalachia for even more cool things happening in and around the Mountain State. Here in PopCult we focus on the cool stuff in Charleston that might otherwise escape your attention.


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Help Crowdfund Charlton Neo Comics

The PopCult Bookshelf

10888548_770988572980842_4775077546143159168_nOne of the most pleasant surprises in the comics industry in 2014 was the rise of the Charlton Neo movement. Starting as a Facebook group, then evolving into one comic book, and now a series of new titles, Charlton Neo is the most fun thing happening in comics right now. The Charlton Arrow made my top five list last year.

The mainstays of the movement, Fester Faceplant, Mort Todd, Paul Kupperberg and Roger McKenzie, are all industry veterans who have donated a lot of time to the effort. Now, with critical acclaim and a bevy of exciting new projects on the horizon, they are turning to a new crowd-funding platform to help boost Charlton Neo projects to the next level.

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Hipsters Get Their Own Game

The PopCult Toybox

cover_lgIt has to be rough being a Hipster. Aside from the seething contempt from mainstream drones and the constant co-opting of their culture by poseurs and wannbees, the Hipster demographic is the most under-served social class by the toy and game industry.

Steve Jackson Games has taken steps to remedy this with a new dice game intended to be ahead of the curve, Hipster Dice.

Based on the underground German phenomenon, Nichteinechteswürfelspiel, and updated with vintage rules, Hipster Dice is poised to be the perfect game to play while you’re waiting in line at the second-hand clothes store. Get it before it’s cool.

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Maintainance Note

Due to some computer maintainance issues, this week’s PopCult Toybox will not be posted until late this evening. PopCult should be back to normal by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

NAR log 016If you are a regular listening of Radio Free Charleston’s streaming audio program, then you probably know that most weeks we have a special theme for our second hour.

This week, rather than tackle a huge theme in the second hour of Radio Free Charleston on New Appalachian Radio, we’ve salted the show with lots of little themes, along with a big blast of our trademark randomisity at the end of the show. Update: You can listen to this show now in the Voices of Appalachia archive HERE

You can listen to Radio Free Charleston’s streaming radio incarnation at 10 AM and 10 PM on Tuesdays (and again at midnight Thursday) at New Appalachian Radio, part of Voices of Appalachia. If you miss it, check our the archives for previously-aired shows.

We kick off with the mini-theme of “New Music,” featuring a song from John Lancasters brand-new EP, which is due out in digital form this week.

John Lancaster “Jeruselum syndrome”
David Synn “The Future Is History”
Farnsworth “Friend To Man”
Joe Vallina “To The Phonomatic”

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The RFC MINI SHOW starring Plutonian Burrito

53754_845080345530478_8021208890082486873_oPlutonian Burrito, a duo consisting of Charles Pagano and Scott Bazar, bring their Outsider Music to The Empty Glass. This episode of The RFC MINI SHOW presents an excerpt of their avant-garde improvised soundtrack music.

With a background in FREE PLAYING thanks to the Woodstock, NY scene, Creative Music Studio, Charles Pagano (DRUMS/PERC) is a mostly self-taught drummer & composer. His own music is very film score-ish.

Scott Bazar played with The Negro Problem/Stew, Beck, Kevin Ayers, Larry Willis, Enrico Rava, James Emery (String Trio of NY), Gene Bertoncini, Russell Kassoff, Giacomo Gates, Cedric Lawson, and Bobby Keys. He attended Creative Music Studio NY & studied with (& did workshops and/or concerts with) Dave Holland, Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Ed Blackwell, Karl Berger, Bob Moses, Don Cherry. Bazar has recently filling in for Jabo Starks (James Brown) with the Red Bar Band.

Together they produce free-form experimental improvised noise-jazz. It’s quite a trip, but is best experienced live.


This week’s art is a digital painting of the Chicago skyline on the planet Neptune. I don’t really have much more to say about it than that. Click to see it bigger. Check PopCult later Monday morning for production notes on The RFC MINI SHOW starring Plutonian Burrito.

Sunday Evening Videos: More PopCult 2014 Highlights

Img_1352 (1)This week we take another look at three of our more memorable videos from last year. Above you see our preview of Doctor Who: The Classic Series Regenerated, which should make a huge splash on the web this year.

Below you’ll find our clip of The 2014 Charleston Doo Wop Rod Run, and below that, is MEGO MEET METAL, our look at last year’s MEGO Meet in Wheeling. Sadly, for this year the MEGO Meet is moving to Skokie, Illinois, and we will be unable to attend.