PopCult Rudy Panucci on Pop Culture

motomon2As a wise Eskimo once said, “That’s the one I’m did.” Yes, this is the panel at ShockaCon on which I appeared with Tim Arnott of Third Floor Antiques, and longtime toy collectors (and Ghostbusters, WV Division members), Jeremy Hatfield and Lee Harrah. In our forty-five minutes or so, we tried to cover the history of monster toys from the 1950s, when Baby Boomers fell in love with the classic monster movies on television, to today, where Monster High is a billion-dollar brand name all by itself.

We take you from Famous Monsters of Filmland to Creepy Crawlers, AHI Mego-style Monsters, Kenner’s Alien and to today’s McFarlane and Sideshow Toys along the way.

It’s a pretty huge topic to tackle in one panel, but I think we did a good, if sketchy, job of it. Of course, when we were wrapping up and talking about our favorite monster toys, I blanked and couldn’t remember the name of the Motorized Monster Maker, by Topper, which is why there’s a picture of it accompanying this post.

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