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Image1You didn’t think I was done covering JoeLanta, did you?  One of the most striking features of the GI Joe convention in Atlanta, which I was honored to be a guest of about three weeks ago, was the gigantic tribute to The Walking Dead,  “Zombie Horde at Yellow Jacket Creek,” a huge diorama built by Mike Gardner.  Loaded with tons of custom action figures, plus scenary, vehicles, a highway overpass and lots and lots of walking dead folks, plus an explosion, this awesome diorama measured eight by eight feet, and stood almost eight feet high in places.

This week in the PopCult Toybox we are going to bring you photos of this diorama. You may have seen these in the JoeLanta video recap I posted last week, but they flew by rather quickly, and I felt that they needed to be seen in a more static format. The diorama was so vast that we are only going to look at part of it today. We will start on the hill, where a horde of zombies are besieging some poor souls in a truck. Then we’ll see the zombie in the creek and take a quick look at Michonne, doing what she does best.

This photo essay will be spread over the next couple of days. I still haven’t edited all the pictures for part two, so I don’t know how many installments this photo essay will have. I took quite a few close-ups and want you guys to see it in all its glory.  Presented with only a few captions, here is the first part of our look at “Zombie Horde at Yellow Jacket Creek.”


This is the view from the hill side of the diorama

Yes, it’s a zombie dog and that is Darwin’s “Descent of Man” leaning againt the wall


An example of the detail in this diorama
The zombie on the far left is the walking dead version of Ricky Zhero, from the band, Radio Cult
Close up on the creek zombie
The view from another angle
That Michonne is such a cut-up!

Check back tomorrow for part two of our look at “Zombie Horde At Yellow Creek.”