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RFC MINI SHOW: Decomposing In Paris

Decomposing In Paris is a band from Ireland that found their way to The Empty Glass late last summer. Their music is ethereal, trippy and it has a beat. It’s unlike anything we’ve had on the show. Two Irish natives and one fairy-winged expatriate from Ashland, Kentucky, currently living in Belfast, make up this band.

Radio Free Charleston was fortunate to bring you their song “The Way It Is” back on episode 190. Now, from the same session we present the band with “Personal Ad” and “He Loves Me.”

Before the music starts, we have a brief promotional announcement for a special After ArtWalk Art Show by RFC’s newest animator, Jake Fertig. His work will be on display at Rival Cards and Games, located at 5206 1/2 MacCorkle Ave S.E., in Kanawha City near the old Southern Kitchen, from 7 PM to 10 PM.

pep 012014

Today’s art is a digital painting of Pepper Fandango, done up in 1960s-style Spy Movie Pop Art. It’s based on a pose from a photo I took last year at Dr. Sketchy’s, but it’s been flopped, painted over, filterized, posterized and otherwise digitally assaulted. The reason for the gratuitious bikini shot is because this piece was created while I was housebound due to snow and wanted to remember summer.

You can see a digital painting based on the original photo in this old edition of Monday Morning Art. Pepper, meanwhile, is continuing on with her new band, The Laserbeams, teamed with her Wayward Girls cohorts, Cat Schrodinger and Leo Tuxedo.

As always, click to see a bigger version of the image.

Sunday Evening Video:Cosmic Christmas

cc nalvanaThis week we are going back to 1977, for the first television special produced by Nelvana, the animation studio that brought us our first glimpse at Boba Fett and created the feature film, “Rock and Rule” before bills from the movie forced them to turn toward more mainstream productions.  Since the eighties they have been responsible for a string of very successful TV cartoons like Strawberry Shortcake, Droids, Tintin, Rupert The Bear and dozens of others. Today Nelvana Limited is one of the top animation producers on the planet.

But in the beginning, they were a tiny little independent animation studio working out of a derelict apartment in Toronto, and that is where they created a dazzling little holiday treat with a distinctive visual style. Enjoy “A Cosmic Christmas”

RFC Flashback: Episode Eleven

Happy Birthday to Mel
Happy Birthday to Mel

Episode Eleven of Radio Free Charleston dates back to December 2006, and is our first Christmas Show and it features music from CLOWNHOLE and MELANIE LARCH, plus Pentagram Flowerbox and animation from Rudy Panucci and Brian Young. Host segments were shot at the original location of The Purple Moon and this is the first episode where our host, Rudy Panucci, had facial hair.

We held onto this show until now because not only are we finally smack dab in the middle of Christmas season, it’s also the birthday of RFC Big Shot and Resident Diva, Melanie Larch, who helped us end our first year on a soaring high note with her now-legendary performance of “Ave Maria,” sung accapella, live on the fifth-floor fire escape outside the late, lamnted Livemix Studio.

The rest of the show is pretty impressive as well, with Pentagram Flowerbox, holiday cartoons by Rudy Panucci and Brian Young and a punk rendition of “Deck The Halls” by Clownhole. We also have an onscreen appearance by The Charleston Playhouse Quartet, performing the RFC theme song, buried in the end credits.

The PopCult Gift Guide: Cool Stuff

The PopCulteer
December 6, 2013

We did the local-centric PopCult Gift Guide last week. This week we bring you ten cool things that you will probably find online (but you might want to shop local first). Links to the best deals online are included. This is in the grand tradition of the nine Christmases we have spent with you here at PopCult.  Here is your 2013 Popcult Gift Guide:

The Beatles

We always have to have something for the Beatles fans. This year you have two great new items. There is a new collection of previously-unreleased songs recorded by The Beatles during their BBC radio show, and Mark Lewisohn has released the first volume of his comprehensive trilogy of Beatles books.

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Fresh PopCult Video

We have fresh video in PopCult this week, which you may have read about in this morning’s Charleston Gazette.  First up we have the RFC MINI SHOW with Andrew Hellblinki, which you can read about here.

Next we have a bonus song from The BrotherSisters. You can read about their CD Release party, which happens tonight at Third Eye Cabaret, here.

The PopCult Bookshelf

Image1Popeye Volume 1
ISBN-13: 978-1613774236
Popeye Volume 2
ISBN-13: 978-1613775875
Popeye Volume 3
ISBN-13: 978-1613776858

Written by Roger Landridge
Illustrated by Vince Musacchia, Tom Neely, Bruce Ozella, Ken Wheaton, Luke McDonnell and others
Edited by Craig Yoe,Ted Adams and Clizia Gussoni
Published by IDW Publishing/Yoe Books
Image1a$17.99 each

Back in 2012 I raved about the wonderful new Popeye comic books that IDW was publishing, put together for them by Craig Yoe. Sadly, that series ended after twelve issues, but now you can get the entire series collected in three softcover graphic novels, along with a cover gallery that reprints all the covers and the rare alternate covers by name artists.

The cover gallery includes work by Mitch O’Connell, Image4John Byrne, Jules Feiffer, Dave Sim and others, and is a real bonus because the meat of these books is so good.

The revived Popeye comic book from IDW was astounding in the way that it captured the magic of the original E.C. Segar Popeye comics in the Thimble Theater comic strip. Writer, Roger Langridge and his team of artists have aunthentically and respectfuly recreated the style of E.C. Segar in a way that was completely entertaining in its own right.

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Stuff To Do The Rest Of The Week

As the holidays engulf us, there is a ton of things happening in Charleston and the surrounding area this weekend. Here at Popcult the holiday and birthday season is in full swing, so we’re making a list and posting it early. Take a look…

MARY A Rock Opera

The seminal Charleston Christmas tradition continues for its final weekend this year. See MARY at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8 PM. Details and video can be found here.


The BrotherSisters CD Release Party leads an evening of free entertainment

1467222_249016145254713_770104798_nThird Eye Cabaret presents the long-gestating debut CD by The BrotherSisters, who will perform “You Can’t Be Lost” in its entirety, along with video presentations and special Third Eye Cabaret sets by their guests Matt McCune and Mark Bates.

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The PopCult Toybox: Midnight Magic

Img_9610Last week I wrote about Cheesy Knockoffs, and I mentioned that last year I wrote about the Midnight Magic line of fashion dolls as a knockoff of Mattel’s ultra-successful Monster High fashion doll line.

The Walgreens outfits
The Walgreens outfits

As is sometimes the case, a knockoff has become a fairly high-quality success in its own right. This year Midnight Magic has expanded with eight new designs for its core line of four dolls, and four new dolls at a higher price with more elaborate designs and packaging. There’s even a dress-up kit for young girls.

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RFC MINI SHOW: Andrew Hellblinki

Image4This week’s RFC MINI SHOW is a special Sepia solo showcase for Andrew Hellblinki. The Hellblinki Sextet first appeared on Radio Free Charleston way back on episode 49, back in 2008. They were the first out-of-town band we featured on the show.

Now Hellblinki has a new album nearly finished, and Andrew is undertaking a solo tour and a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to manufacture the new album, Hellblinki “Multitudes,” which is the newest batch of Hellblinki songs recorded by the full band and loads of guest musicans. As we post this episode, there’s a little more than two weeks left in the Hellblinki Kickstarter campaign and the rewards range from a download of the entire album for a dollar, to all kinds of bonuses like CD and vinyl copies of the album, jewelry and house shows at the higher incentives.

You can find out more about the Kickstarter campaign for “Multitudes” here…

A special editorial note: In May, 2014, I suddenly realized that this was the second consecutive RFC MINI SHOW to be numbered “seven.”  The video is now retitled “RFC MINI SHOW number seven 2.0.”