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RFC MINI SHOW #1 with Jabberwocky

5075207The very first RFC MINI SHOW features Jabberwocky, a Huntington-based dance band that we recorded August 16 at The Blue Parrot. We captured the band performing Eddie Floyd’s “Knock On Wood,” and Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s All Right).” In the future, we hope to bring you some of the band’s original tunes.

Jabberwocky’s special blend of styles includes blues, soul and rock & roll, along with a little southern rock and country. A hint of classical training makes their sound something you won’t hear anywhere else. Ace musicians with great singers and a horn section more powerful than a locomotive, Jabberwocky is a band with a bright future. They are scheduled to play the Prestera Benefit on October 12, here in Charleston. We’ll bring you more details as that date approaches.

The RFC MINI SHOW is a spin-off of Radio Free Charleston. It’s little bite-sized bits of musical video goodness to help soothe the pain of the long wait between full-length episodes of Radio Free Charleston. But fear not! The next full-sized show is just one week away.

Photo080217104This week’s artistic wake-up call is a digital painting over a photograph I took looking out at the Washington DC skyline last month. The vantage point was The Kennedy Center. In the distance you see some buildings. Up above that is sky. Click to enlarge.

Sunday Evening Video: The Point

tumblr_lycbgg7yrY1qcajsho1_400A children’s classic, written by Harry Nilsson, The Point is a fable about a boy named Oblio, the only round-headed person in the Pointed Village, where by law everyone and everything had to have a point. It’s a lovely little parable about tolerance and acceptance.

When the film first aired on American television, it was narrated by Dustin Hoffman. That’s the version I saw as a kid, and it’s what I’ve posted above. Later versions replaced Hoffman’s voice (due to contractual reasons) with Alan Thicke and Alan Barzman before Nilsson’s buddy, Ringo Starr was brought in to record the version that’s commercially available today.

But here is The Point, as it was originally in 1971, directed by Fred Wolf of Murakami-Wolf and narrated by Dustin Hoffman.

RFC Flashback: Episode 57

Welcome to a new weekend feature here at PopCult. Every Saturday we will be bringing back a vintage episode of Radio Free Charleston with the “RFC Flashback.”

The reason for this is that MySpace sucks. To be more specific, without warning a couple of months ago, MySpace relaunched all their pages, deleting all videos and blogs in the process. Almost half of our shows are now unavailable.

Over the next few months we will be re-uploading those shows, some with deluxe remastering, to YouTube, so that you can enjoy them all over again with higher fidelity than MySpace’s crappy fifteen frames per second.

And we’re going to do this in no particular order. This week, up at the head of this post, you see episode 57, our second “Show Without Words,” from January 2009, featuring Elemental Devices (AKA James Vernon Brown), Chuck Biel’s Punk Jazz and The Scrap Iron Pickers, plus a short film by Drew The Dramatic Fool and more. You can read the production notes here.

27 Random Images

Betty Page Flyer blank 006The PopCulteer
September 6, 2013

This week your PopCulteer had a lot on his plate. There were other assignments, video to edit and last night a terrific evening of stand up comedy at Mojo’s in South Charleston.

So today we sort of came up dry. I was going to write about my pick for the worst movie ever made, but when I tried to go back and watch it, it was just too depressing. I may work up the nerve to view it again later, but trust me, it’s bad. It’s not “so bad that it’s good” bad. It’s “I genuinely feel sad for everyone involved on mulitple levels and regret seeing this” bad.

Today, instead of that, we are going to look at 27 random images pulled from the “Art” folder on my hard drive. Most of these are rejected candidates, or alternate versions of pieces that were created for Monday Morning Art, but there’s plenty of other stuff in there too, so it’s not all crap that I came up with. Our lead image, up and over on the right somewhere, is a digital painting I did based on a tiny, messed-up jpg of a vintage girly magazine cover with Bettie Page. That’ll probably turn up again as a band flyer sometime. Enjoy, if possible.

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Capsule Reviews of Comic Book Books

The PopCult Bookshelf 

This week the PopCult Bookshelf plays catch up, with four capsule reviews of books that came out earlier this year.

Adventure Time: Playing With Fire
images (25)By Danielle Corsetto, Zack Sterling and Meredith Maclaren
Kaboom! Studios
ISBN 978-1-60886-325-9

This is the first original graphic novel in Kaboom!’s successful “Adventure Time” series. Written by web cartoonist Danielle Corsetto and drawn by Zack Sterling (“Bravest Warriors”), the main story in this volume is a terriffic adventure with

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Live Comedy Thursday: Josh McDonald

484645_736803223779_1576135565_nThe Comedy scene at Mojo’s in South Charleston continues to grow. Thursday night the open mic at Mojo’s Sports Bar and Grill welcomes Headliner Josh McDonald to the stage. That’s him up there in that video thingy.

Josh Mcdonald hit the comedy scene running in 2010 (okay so it was more of a fast paced walk.). Voted one of Reddit’s top comedians by guyism.com, McDonald has opened for various headliners including April Macy, Dan Cummins, Donnel Rawlins and John Caparulo. McDonald appeared earlier this year at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival in Wilmington North Carolina and currently runs the Comedy Open Mic at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews in Huntington WV.

With his quick witted humor reflecting on issues surrounding his weight, as well as the weight of the world, he keeps audiences thinking, as well as laughing at life’s idiosyncrasies.

Plus all your local favorites including Ryan Carrier, Khalid Kalwar, and Andy Frampton. Hosted by Patrick “Madman” Felton. Admission is free. Ages 21 and up welcome. The show runs from 9 PM to 11 PM.

The PopCult Toybox: Justice League Bendies

Img_8293This week The PopCult Toybox looks at some new “Bendies” based on DC Comics Superheroes. First, a little background: Bendies are rubber action figures with wire articulation.

They were very popular in the 1960s, due largely to Gumby and Pokey. More elaborate Bendies were Major Matt Mason and The Sea Wolves from Mattel and Ideal’s Evel Knievel. There were tons of licensed and unlicensed DC and Marvel Bendies back then.

"Don't do it, Evel! You'll break every wire in your body!"
“Don’t do it, Evel! You’ll break every wire in your body!”

The great thing about Bendies was that they were one-piece of rubber, and were nearly indestructable. The bad thing was that the wire inside was not so indestructable, and would break very easily, robbing the figure of any posability. They were cool, but there was that big drawback.

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Monday Morning Art: Travel Picture Paintings

This Labor Day, Monday Morning Art brings you three digital paintings based on photos I took with my crappy little camera phone during my travels these past few weeks. First up, it’s a digital oil of a tree, photographed in Shirlington, Virginia, accidentally color-corrected to look like Fall foliage, and then painted that way because it looked cool.


Then we have a scene snapped somewhere between Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, rendered in digital Impasto.


Lastly we bring you a Gothic oils night scene of the sign of the happy clown. Cleck to enlarge them all.


Sunday Evening Videos: Walk, Don’t Run

Tonight we’re going to look at a humble little turn written by Johnny Smith in 1954. “Walk, Don’t Run” was originaly a mellow little instrumental guitar exercise, but when Seattle’s instrumental rock legends, The Ventures” got their hands on it in 1959, the rocked-up version became the first Surf Rock hit.

The Ventures have re-recorded this tune many times, most notably with “Walk, Don’t Run (’64) ,” which was also a hit record, but many other folks have tried their hand at it over the years, like this animated ukelele duo from Japan…

We have more covers of “Walk Don’t Run” after the jump…

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