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Monday Morning Art: QIET at Dr. Sketchy’s


Members of the band, QIET made their modeling debut last night at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in Charleston, and even though your humble artist had to bail out of the session early, I am able to bring you a digital oil of Alasha Al-Qudwah, Christopher Harris and Lacey Hazel, above, and individual manipulated-image portraits after the jump. As always, click to enlarge.

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Sunday Evening Video: The Giant Claw

The beast that shouted "derp" at the heart of the world.
The beast that shouted “derp” at the heart of the world.

What do you do when you want to make a movie to scare people, but you don’t have enough of a budget for good special effects?

Well, if you were director, Fred Sears, in 1957, you shoot the movie anyway, then worry about the special effects later. Then, if you have any money left, you re-use special effects footage from other films you directed and hire a guy to build a marionette to use for your monster. “The Giant Claw” is about a giant bird, either alien, interdimensional or prehistoric, that attacks New York and other cities.

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RFC Flashback: Episode 100

This week we flashback to a huge milestone, our one-hundredth episode, from May, 2010.  This edition of the show, titled “M.C.Escher Shirt,” was, at that time, our longest show, with the most bands. It featured the RFC debut of  The Nanker Phelge, the second appearance of Eva Elution,  local superstar Jeff Ellis, the return of Hellblinki Sextet and the kickoff to “Stark Charleston,” an animated travelogue I’m still working on, this time with music by David Synn.

My co-host for this show was my imaginary daughter, Kitty Killton.  We shot host segments at Top O Rock, which was in pretty derelict condition at the time. It looked like a post-apocolyptic Jetson’s house. That actually made it cooler.

Next year we will celebrate our two-hundredth episode. You’ll want to stick around to see how we try and top this one.

Coming Attractions

flyer-1The PopCulteer
September 13, 2013

This week The PopCulteer is totally devoted to upcoming Stuff To Do. Let us not dilly-dally…


We are one week away from Charleston’s Horror and Science Fiction convention, ShockaCon. It kicks off one week from today at The Haunted Barn and Kanawha Players Theater on Beauregard Street on Charleston’s Historic East End. You can find details on how to buy tickets at the ShockaCon website.

The very-cool “It’s A Horrorful Life” blog has posted preview articles spotlighting some of the guests, like Eamon Hardiman, Danny Hicks and R.J. Haddy.

You can also check out this new promo spot I did…

Or this old one I did a few weeks ago…

We will have more on ShockaCon next week.

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Production notes are here.


The PopCult Bookshelf 

full_sizeA Grumpy Book
by Grumpy Cat
Chronicle Books
ISBN: 978-1-4521-2657-9

On the face of it, “A Grumpy Book” seems like it’s just another novelty tome, cranked out to cash in on a cute fad, in this case a popular internet meme. You might think that this book is just a harmless collection of goofy and funny spoofs on motivational posters starring that cute little miniature kitty that has the same kidney problem as Gary Coleman and that Webster kid. You might think that this book is a fun little artifact, just the thing to put a smile on your face…and nothing more.

That’s what they want you to think.

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morglblSaturday, September 14, The Empty Glass plays host some amazing progressive rock. Neil Zaza with Sean O’Bryan Smith, who made our seventh-anniversary episode of Radio Free Charleston so special, will take the stage, as will the incredible French progressive fusion band, Mörglbl.

Check out this interview with Mörglbl…

…and this interview with Neil…

zaza…both interviews are courtesy of The Definitely Loud Podcast. Many thanks to Roadblock and Justin. Be sure to check out the Definitely Loud website for more cool interviews.

The show kicks off at 10 PM Saturday at The World Famous Empty Glass. Tickets are ten bucks in advance, or twelve at the door. You can order tickets here.

The PopCult Toybox: Max Steel 2013

next year all the poor kids with have a new friend to play with their "Tron Legacy" figures!
Next year all the poor kids with have a new friend to play with their “Tron: Legacy” figures!

It’s no fun writing a negative review of a toy, but this week I’m afraid we have a stinker. Max Steel was a great toy line from Mattel when it was introduced in 1999.

They discontinued Max Steel in the United States after four years, but the line flourished in other part of the world, particularly in South America and The Phillippines.

The original Max Steel was a 12″ action figure who could stand toe-to-toe with GI Joe (the big ones, not the little ones). Some early figures sported amazing articulation, nearly on a level with Dragon Model’s 12″ body. The head sculpt was a little too “pretty boy” for some folk’s tastes, but overall, it was a great action figure line with cool outfits and really neat vehicles.

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marcus 01nThis Thursday at 9 PM, Mojo’s in South Charleston welcomes Headliner Marcus Oglesby to the stage for a free performance. That’s a sample of his work at the top of this post.

Marcus Oglesby is one of West Virginia’s most beloved storytellers and comedians. A master raconteur, Oglesby spins comedy gold out of his experiences growing up biracial in Southern WV. Marcus spent years as a singer/songwriter before bursting onto the comedy scene in late 2010. In December Marcus will opening for Tryone Davis in Daytona Florida.

Also featured Thursday night will be Michael White. You can also catch your Mojo’s favorites including Chris Ryan Carrier, Andy Frampton, and Lynn Browder. The evening will be hosted by Patrick Felton. There is no Cover, but donations will be accepted to help pay the comedians.


Have you always wanted to be part of live theatre, but were afraid that, when the curtain opens, all you could think to do was lumber around on stage and grunt?  NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Kanawha Players needs more Zombies for their upcoming production of “Night of the Living Dead.” Call the number listed above for information on how you be part of the show.

If you want to support KP without putting on Zombie make-up and jumping on stage, you can help them out buy buying a shirt!