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NOTE: Severe snow in Southern West Virginia kept this show from happening, but you should still check out the band’s website and videos. They plan to make up the date later. 

Thursday night, Poor Old Shine, a roots/Americana band from Storrm CT, will bring their original and exciting music to The Empty Glass at 9 PM.

Poor Old Shine is a band that’s all about honesty and hand-crafted creativity. From their hand-painted cereal box CD covers to their thoughtful arrangements and wild menagerie of instruments they deliver foot-stomping, mind-racing, dirty, down-home Americana. The band travels with guitars, banjos, pump organ, mandolin, string bass, musical saw, washboard and a yard-sale-scrap-metal drum set,

Poor Old Shine features Chris Freeman (banjo), Max Shakun (guitar, pump organ), Antonio Alcorn (Mandolin), Harrison Goodale (Bass), and Brian Conlon (washboard and aux. percussion).  Since forming at University Of Connecticut in 2011, Poor Old Shine has played to sellout crowds at some of the best venues in Southern New England including Infinity Music Hall (Norfolk, CT), Bridge Street Live (Collinsville, CT), Toads Place (New Haven, CT), and The Lizard Lounge (Cabridge, MA).  They performed at the Emerging Artist Showcase at the 2012 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and voted fan favorite at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival (Norwich, CT).

Poor Old Shine straddles the worlds of bluegrass and grungy rock clubs, walking in the footsteps of The Band, John Prine and Johnny Cash. You can check out a couple of their videos below, and if you miss them at the Glass Thursday, you can catch them Friday at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. If you go to The Empty Glass, the show kicks off at 9 PM (Empty Glass Time) and the cover is, I believe, five bucks.

Monday Morning Art: Rainbow Worm Eats The City

Some pieces of art are self-explanatory. Click to enlarge.

Sunday Evening Video: DEVO on Ukelele

It seems that in the seven-plus years that I’ve been bringing you the PopCult blog, I have somehow not managed to post any video of people playing DEVO songs on Ukelele.  Let’s remedy that, shall we?

After the jump are three more Uke DEVO tunes. Watch them now. It’s your Duty For The Future!

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New Year, New Things, New Ways

The PopCulteer
January 11, 2013

We are still enjoying the “new car smell” of 2013, and there’s lots of cool and exciting things to tell you about for the new year. While The Charleston Gazette is moving behind a paywall, PopCult and the other Gazette blogs will remain free, to frolic and play among the internet meadow. Let’s see what the coming year will bring, shall we?

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“Sock ’em Who-Bots Shirt” is the first episode of Radio Free Charleston for 2013. Host segments for this episode were recorded at The Dale Morton Studio  in Hurricane, WV. Our musical guests are Frenchy and The Punk, Flare Baroshi, and Johnny C and The Scurvy Dogs. This episode also includes a short film by K.D. Lett and an exclusive trailer for the MTV series “BuckWild,” with footage you won’t see anywhere else.

Big thanks go out to Dale Morton, who allowed us into his mascot and costume studio so that we could have loads of really cool looking stuff in the background. Plus, as a bonus, we got to shoot indoors during the winter. Dale does amazing work and has an international list of clients ranging from schools to big name corporations to well-traveled members of the cosplay community. It was a real treat to record our host segments in such a cool place.

We open the show with a short look at the MTV series “BuckWild” that you won’t see anywhere else. Seriously, this is, like, truly and emphatically exclusive, and we’re the only ones who have it and MTV doesn’t mind at all that we’re showing it and it’s 150% genuine, really.

Frenchy and The Punk

Frenchy and The Punk make a triumphant return to Radio Free Charleston with their performance of “The Confession of Jack Bonnie and Sally Clyde,”
a track from their latest album which we recorded late last year at The Empty Glass.

Frenchy and The Punk from a different angle

You can visit Frenchy and The Punk’s website for up to date information tour dates and how you can order their CD’s & DVD’s. Special thanks to Greg McGowan for the house mix at The Empty Glass the night we recorded this tune.

A touch of “Snow”

K.D. Lett, an extremely talented photographer and filmmaker based in Charleston, created a wonderful short film out of multiple exposures of The Charleston Ballet, taken during a performance of “The Nutcracker.” We’re very happy to present his short film, “Snow.”

Flare Baroshi

Also making a triumphant return to Radio Free Charleston is Flare Baroshi, who made her mark on the show on our Halloween 2009 edition with the music video for “Vampire Mafia,” which she co-directed with RFC’s Rudy Panucci. We welcome her back with the music video for her song “Phoenix,” co-directed by Elizabeth McCormick and Joscelyn Atkinson.

Johnny C and the Scurvy Dogs

Wrapping up the show this week, we have Johnny C and The Scurvy Dogswith their tender and heartfelt cover of The Go-Go’s “We Got The Beat.” Johnny C and The Scurvy Dogs have several upcoming l

Drummer, Tommy Hymes, sings lead on this tune

ive dates in the Charleston area, so check the PopCult blog for more information. Thanks to Thomas Crouse for the house mix at The Blue Parrot.

Our show’s title shirt this time, “Sock’em Who-Bots,” is a design by artist Jeffro Kilpatrick, and comes to us via TeeFury.com. That’s the dirt on this week’s episode of “Radio Free Charleston.” Stay tuned to PopCult and our Facebook page for details on our upcoming shows.

We kick off the week and the new year with a graphic inspired by the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston. Part of this image is an actual frame grabe of the video program I used to edit the video “The Confession of Jack Bonnie and Sally Clyde” by Frenchy and The Punk. You may be able to tell that the top two video tracks are cut into slivers so fine that it looks like a UPC code.

You can see the results of this quick-cutting later today on RFC 177. Until then, click the image to see it larger, and guess what the end product will look like.

Sunday Evening Video: Dale Morton Studio Tour

Tonight we bring you a PopCult Quick Tour of the Dale Morton Mascot Csstume Studio in Hurricane. Dale was gracious enough to welcome the RFC crew in from the cold so we could shoot host segments for our first 2013 episode surrounded by his cool creations. Dale creates cool mascot uniforms, and also does FX make up, costume armor and tons of cool superhero outfits for cosplayers to wear at conventions from San Diego to Atlanta and beyond.

Check out our quick tour, set to horrible music by Rudy Panucci, and come back Monday for episode 177 of radio Free Charleston, with music from Frenchy and the Punk, Flare Baroshi and Johnny C and the Scurvy Dogs, plus a short film by KD Lett that features The Charleston Ballet, and an exclusive look at MTV’s “Buckwild.”

2013: A Look Back

The PopCulteer
January 4, 2013 

It’s time for our annual look back at the year that wasn’t yet. It’s hard to believe 2013 is already in the record books. Seems like it only started a few days ago. Let’s take a month-by-month look at the year that history will remember as the time right before the Earth established contact with the planet Tanger-5.


Early in the month a last-minute deal with Congress prevented the coming of the Fiscal Cliff. We then returned to the Fiscal Norm. Later in the year, as the economy surged, we experienced a Fiscal Woody. After that we ran out of characters from Cheers whose names worked for this joke.

Your PopCulteer made it a point to read the previous twoYear In Review” posts before working on the second draft of this column, which lead him to consider editing out the talking dog and butt-sniffing jokes. He didn’t, but he seriously considered it.

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