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The Great Rock And Roll Swindle 2012

The PopCulteer
November 7, 2012

It’s finally over. Months, and in some cases years of campaigning for control of the White House, came to an end Tuesday as voters, even despite successful attempts at voter suppression by Republican governors and legislators, chose to give Barack Obama four more years to dig us out of the hole that the previous administration had placed us in.

There has been a small amount of gloating and taunting, some of it richly deserved. And on the losing side, a laughable amount of despair and hysterical panic and doomsaying, but at least it’s over. Now we can study the aftermath and assess the damage.

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Punk Cabaret, Cool Jazz and Hot Rock on RFC 173

Above you should see RFC 173 “Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman Shirt” This episode of Radio Free Charleston features music from Frenchy and the Punk, Amanda Brigette and The Nanker Phelge, plus a hilarious outtake from Felix Baumgardner’s Space Dive and a look at the newest Olympic sport, Spumling.

Frenchy and the Punk

Frenchy and Punk are featured on the show in advance of their November 7, 2012 gig at The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV, where they will be appearing with Qiet. While the goth/cabaret duo are promoting their new CD, “Hey, Hey, Cabaret,” we have them on the show this week with the song “The Magician and The Dancer” from their 2010 CD, “Happy Madness.”

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Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to be one of the photographers for The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque. It was a fun evening, and I got a lot of great pictures of the ladies, but production of RFC 173 (coming tonight to PopCult) kept me from processing and editing the photos, so this week our art is just the first taste from the session, a digital painting of Elle Xombeah, Susie Sketchmann and Pepper Fandango are in the back row, with Lilli Lugosi, Penny Maple and Kitty Killlton in front. Stay tuned to PopCult for news of the Wayward Girls’ next performance, and for more photos. Click to enlarge.

Sunday Evening Video: Frenchy and the Punk

Our buddies from New York, Frenchy and the Punk, will be coming to The Empty Glass Wednesday to perform songs from their brand-new CD. Also on the bill is Huntington’s Qiet, so it should make for a wild night of original music, and the RFC crew will be on hand. Our video tonight is RFC 143, which focused on Frenchy and the Punk during a summer, 2011 visit. Wednesday night could well be the show of the year, and you can get a taste of Frenchy and the Punk here.

You will get an andditonal taste of the band this week on Radio Free Charleston 173, where we will bring you an unseen performance from Frenchy and the Punk’s last visit to The Empty Glass, along with new music from The Nanker Phelge and Amand Bridgette, plus a ilarious outtake from Felix Baumgartner’s Space Dive. Look for RFC 173, “Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman Shirt,” Monday night in PopCult.

November Randomosity

The PopCulteer
November 2, 2012

This week, your PopCulteer is all over the map. We’re just gonna present short, random items about a variety of topics of which we are not certain as we write this introductory sentence. Part of it is because the weather has sort of scrambled our brains and upset our routines. Part of it is because there’s just so darn much stuff to talk about this week. Most of it is because we put off writing this column until the last minute and had no idea what we’re going to do.

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