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Monday Morning Art: Crestfallen

Today’s art is one of my exercises in pattern creation, which, in a different hue, was used in the short art film, “Blues no. 1” which you can find in this week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Speaking of RFC, our latest show, “Pepper Fandango Shirt” will be posted here, along with full production notes, later tonight. This week we have music from John Lancaster, Born of Conviction, Gabriel and the cast of “Jack The Ripper,” plus my art film, animation from Frank Panucci, and a short promo film for HallwEast 3 Freak Out.

You can click the image above to see it larger, and if you can’t wait until this evening to see the new show, head over to the RFC Facebook Page, where it just might turn up sooner.

Sunday Evening Video: HallowEast 3 Freak Out

Check out the HallowEast website for more details.

Randomosity (And Guitars) Abounds

The PopCulteer
October 7, 2011

Your PopCulteer has been swamped a bit this week, and has not had time to finish reading the first month’s worth of DC’s “New 52.” The plan is to wrap this up with a long column next week, two weeks into the second month for some of these books. This week we’re going to fire off some random items, including a photo essay on last Monday’s Taylor Guitar Roadshow at Route 60 Music in Barboursville.

Just One More

Around a hundred guitar aficianados made a pilgrimage to Route 60 Music in Barboursville last Monday evening for a Taylor Guitars Roadshow. Dozens of the latest Taylor Guitars–a high-end company manufacturng some of the finest instrements on the market–were on display, as Taylor rep, Zacher Arntz and master musician Wayne Johnson (The Manhattan Transfer, Bette Midler) showed off and demonstrated the latest in Taylor Guitar wizardry. It was an informatie and educational night, as Johnson explained in great detail the advantages and uses of each model of Taylor’s guitars.

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Monday Morning Art: Blue #5

Today’s art is an element from “Blues no.1,” the short art and music film I posted here a few days ago. It’s a detail piece. Detail of what depends on the viewer. Click to see it beigger.

Sunday Evening Video: Time Flies

Today I began working on episode number 150 of Radio Free Charleston. Don’t panic. You haven’t missed any. I’m also working on episode 146, which I have delayed until October 10 to take advantage of a great host location, but with a milestone show coming up, I want to be prepared. Anyway, it seems like just yesterday that we hit episode 100. Actually it was less than a year-and-a-half ago.  That means we will have produced almost fifty episodes in the last eighteeen months.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

Let’s take a look at that previous milestone show, featuring Hellblinki, Eva Elution, The Nanker Phelge, Kitty Killton, Top O’ Rock, David Synn and Jeff Ellis, shall we?