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Scott Pierce presents The Man Of Steel

We wrap up our coverage of last week’s MEGO Meet at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling with a look at some of the really cool custom figures on display, and a look at some of the newer MEGO-style figures at the show.

Remember, we had to take off before most of the top customizers showed up, but we did get to see the jaw-dropping work of Scott Pierce and Random Axe Design. That’s his Superman you see to the right. Below you can see some of the other amazing comic-based figures he’s created by sculpting or repurposing heads and sewing the uniforms himself. It’s incredible work, and he’s taking commissions, if you want a cool figure of your own.

A man after my own comic nerd heart, Scott has created several figures based on the DC Comics creations of Jack Kirby, as well as some of the cooler Golden Age heroes, and other favorites.

One of the Alien Green Lanterns stands with ORION and Lightray of The New Gods
More of Scott's amazing work, including The Flash, Captain Marvel, OMAC, The Punisher and others.
Golden Age DC great, Dr. Mid-Nite and modern-era Superman villain, Gladiator
How can you not go nuts over a Metamorpho action figure?
The Flash, Doc Samson and The Red Tornado
Scott's work was just amazing.
One last look at the Random Axe Design display.

In addition to the vintage MEGO goodies we sampled yesterday and the cool custom work of Scott Pierce featured above, MEGO Meet also offered up an ample supply of more recnt figures, both boxed items and lots of loose stuff that could be used for customizing fodder.

You had to keep on your toes, too.  Lurking beneath one table were the giant KISS figures you see to the left.  There were also the early entries in the custom figure contest, and this year’s special figure–a limited edition Jeckell and Hyde.

Many of the dealers who showed up early had figures from new MEGO-style companies like EMCE and Cast-A-Way Toys.   Others had some great MEGO-sized guys from Hasbro and Mattel. Here’s a look around the dealers tables at the newer items.

This was the only decent photo I got of the table manned by a fella named Rich who had these great "JJ and the Planet Patrol" playsets. You will be reading more about them here in PopCult in the future. I bought four sets.
This dealer had great prices on his more recent items, including Marvel and DC figures. Uh…a good chunk of the stuff on this table is in the trunk of my car now.
One of the many bins of customzing fodder.
A table filled with recent retro-MEGO-style figures, including Mattel's DC Heroes and EMCE Toy's Star Trek line.
Another table full of cool newer stuff.
This table featured a ton of Marvel "Famous Cover" figures, and some stuf by master MEGO customizer-turned pro, Charlie Flastt
The same guy had a killer stash of empty boxes for figures that MEGO never made–perfect for the customizer to fill with their own creations.
This years MEGO Meet figure, Jeckyll and Hyde.
Early Entries in the custom figure contest.