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Monday Morning Art: El Gato Extraño

We kick off this week with a digital oil painting based on a photograph I took of a really bizarre-looking neighborhood cat.  I can’t tell if the feline in question is the result of some kind of twisted genetic experiment, or if the poor thing is merely the recipient of a really messed-up attempt at grooming. Either way, it looks sort of like something Dr. Seuss would draw. Click the image to see it larger.

Sunday Evening Videos: Duck And Cover

This week’s video was supposed to be on Turner Classic Movies early Saturday morning, but since my cable was out, I didn’t get to record it. So here, courtesy of Archive.org, is “Duck And Cover.”  This classic educational film teaches children how to survive a direct nuclear blast by covering up their head and hitting the ground.

Dan Kehde and Mark Scarpelli, inspired by this camp classic, wrote the song, “Duck And Cover” for their musical, “The Blob.” You can see the song in Radio Free Charleston episode 82, after the jump.

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PC May 7 01The PopCulteer
May 7, 2010

Pop Goes May

It weems we have yet another year flying by at breakneck speed. We’re in the first weekend of May and there’s tons of stuff going on.

First, I hope everybody checked out episode 99 of Radio Free Charleston. You realize that this means our huge 100th episode is coming up in just a few short weeks. At the end of this week’s PopCulteer you’ll find some preview images. At the right you see an image from our animation.

There are tons of cool things going on this weekend. and you can read about them right here, right now.  Well….at least after we take a look at last Saturday’s “Free Comic Book Day” at The Rifleman (Lost Legion Games and comics).

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RFC 99 "Porkchop shirt" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

Above you see the bright, shiny new episode of Radio Free Charleston.
Our 99th show is called “Porkchop Shirt,” in honor of Eamon Hardiman’s
new horror epic (available now on DVD).

This is an extra-long show, with music from Highway Jones, OVADA and HARRAH, plus a visit from IWA East Coast Heavyweight Champion contender, Chris Hero, a short film by Murfmeef and some really cute, but disgusting animation.

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I’m neck-deep in production of the “Stark Charleston” cartoon for RFC 100, so I didn’t really have time to do much of anything else art-wise this week. Since I didn’t want to let anyone down, here’s an old photo of me, as “Count Rudolph” and Chelsea Cook as “Celeste The Zombie Supermodel” from the 2008 Radio Free Charleston Halloween special, run through the “Stark Charleston” filters.

You can find the Halloween shows (54 and 55) at the RFC TV Archive Site, and you can see Chelsea briefly on RFC 99, coming later today, and in a more substantial role in RFC 100, if everything goes according to plan. Click the image to see it bigger.

Sunday Evening Videos: Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse

I just wrote about Ralph Bakshi’s “New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse” last Friday, but since I can’t get the PopCult interface to work with any of the videos I’d planned to present to you today, I’m going with a collection of clips from and about the 1987-88 Saturday morning cartoon that lead to a major animation resurgence.

Above you see the opening sequence to the show. After the jump you’ll find some short examples of the show and some behind the scenes clips with some of the animators who went on to do thins like “Ren And Stimpy,” “Wall-E,” “The Simpsons,” “Finding Nemo” and all sorts of high-water marks of animation from the past quarter-century.

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