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Testing The Art Capacity

Brawley 23

I wanna see how much bigger I can make the art here in PopCult now that we have more room with which to work. Bear with me.

A Year Of Week-Ending Blather

pc 4 09 01The PopCulteer
April 9, 2010

The PopCulteer is one-year-old this week. It was 52 weeks ago that I decided to snap out of what I felt was a rut, and at the same time pay tribute to the late James Dent, by instituting a new feature here in PopCult (still one word, by the way–we’re working on fixing the heading and links).  The idea is that I would do more writing, since I was afraid the blog was devolving into a collection of art, photos and video links, without much text. I’ve been writing PopCult for nearly five years, and from time-to-time I need to reinvent it to keep it interesting for you guys and for me. That’s why we’ve added things like Radio Free Charleston, Monday Morning Art and Sunday Evening Videos over the years.

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Kicking The Tires

pctest 01The PopCult interface is getting a makeover. Other than a new URL, this should mean nothing to you guys. It’ll give me some added flexibility and I’ve got a new dashboard to learn, but the transition should be seamless.

To try out the graphics features, I’m going to pop in a couple of graphics for your amusement. To the right you see a digitally-assaulted photograph of a construction crane. Below you see a “Stark Charleston” shot of the Lee Street Triangle.

Be sure to bookmark the new URL and update your RSS feeds. You don’t want to miss Friday’s PopCulteer, or next week’s new episode of Radio Free Charleston, featuring music from David Synn and The Diablo Blues Band, plus an appearance by the new Adventure Team GI Joes.

pc test 02

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Monday Morning Art: Looking Up In The Theater

Today’s Monday Morning Art is a digital oil painting over a photograph I took of the ceiling of the WVSU Capitol Center Theater. There’s some really intricate decoration work there, which was nearly obliterated by the digital painting technique I used. So to really see it, you should go there in person. To see it up close, you’ll probably need a crane. Click the image to see a larger version.

An Easter Basket Full Of Classic RFC

In honor of this holiest of holidays, we’re going to resurrect three classic episodes of Radio Free Charleston which haven’t been seen since they fell off the Gazz servers some time ago. Above you see episode 17 of our show, from early 2007. This episode features music from John Radcliff and Under The Radar plus RFC’s Resident Diva Melanie Larch in a wrestling ring.

On the other side of the jump, you’ll find episode  48, our tribute to the late Randy Lee Walden and episode 70, with music from Barebones and Mark Beckner, plus the very first Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie and host segments recorded at a pre-Hallelujah Clay Center.

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Random Items: A Baker’s Dozen

The PopCulteer
April 2, 2010

Unplanned Poignancy

Due to  unexpected deadline pressures, this week’s PopCulteer (our 51st, by the way) is going to be a completely-unplanned stream of consciousness list of whatever decides to run through my weary mind.  I will stop at 13, then go to sleep.


Charleston is gearing up for a visit next week by the emotional vampires who call themselves the Westboro Baptist Church.  These litigious performance artists pretend to be a religious order, but really just travel the country trying to provoke actionable reactions by spouting the rawest unfettered hate speech that a sick mind could conjure.

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We March through and spring into April with episode 97 of Radio Free Charleston. This edition of our show features music from Jeff Ellis, The Emergency and Simply Sadi, plus short films from MURFMEEF and Scott Elkins, as well as a lovely surprise at the end. Why don’t you watch it, now.

RFC 97 “Ding Dong School” from RFC Archives on Myspace.

This is our big Spring holiday show, and it was truly a labor of love.

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