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Monday Morning Art: Spewtube 2

This week we kick-start the art with one of the pieces I did for the Liz McCormick silent auction, which was held yesterday. This is “Spewtube 2,” a variation on an earlier piece of Monday Morning Art. All three pieces I did for the auction sold, so this is probably now hanging in someone’s bathroom or perhaps being used to scare songbirds out of their yard. The benefit was a success, and Liz is off to Interlochen later this week to master the art of filmmaking.
Click the image to enlarge. Look for our “Drive To 75” classic episode of Radio Free Charleston later today. On tap for this lovely June Monday: Christmas 2006, with Melanie Larch, Clownhole and The Charleston Playhouse Quartet.

The Drive To 75: “IWA East Coast Shirt”

Yesterday we brought you Radio Free Charleston number 16, “A Place Of Solace Shirt,” and in that show we promised that we would feature that great Huntington band on the show. Twenty-five episodes later, we did. Today we bring you the April 29, 2008 episode of RFC, “IWA East Coast Shirt” with music from The Coal Men, Holden Caulfield, and….A Place Of Solace. It only took the better part of a year for us to finally get them on the show. See why it was worth the wait, and read the original production notes here.This episode also features a cameo by The Concept and some short animation by Frank Panucci.

The Drive To 75: “A Place Of Solace Shirt”

Today we jump out of order once again to bring you Episode 16 of Radio Free Charleston, with music from John Radcliff and Al Carey, plus animation from Stephen Beckner and a special cameo by GI Joe and Major Mattt Mason! You also get treated to the film “Negative Town” by Frank Panucci. You can read the original production notes here.

A Weekend Of Art, Music, Film

The PopCulteer
June 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon In The Theater

Sunday afternoon a benefit to help send Liz McCormick to Interlochen, a six-week film study course, will be held at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater on Summer’s Street in Charleston. Liz is a very talented Capitol High School student, and you may remember her from the recent Halloween and April Fool’s episodes of Radio Free Charleston. In addition to music, food and a screening of Liz’s films, a silent auction will be held, and that will include three pieces by yours truly–the first time my art has been up for auction since 1990. You can see tiny versions of my contibutions to the right. Word is that there will be work by real artists for sale, too.

The top piece, “Looking Through More Wires” is an 18″ x 18″ aluminum print. The middle piece, “Imaginary Flowers,” is 28″ x 20 and is a print on archival plastic. The bottom piece, “Spewtube 2″ is 28″ x 28”, printed on archival plastic. These works will never again be printed in this size on the media presented here. Also none of my pieces are framed, so that’ll be up to the buyer to handle.

The benefit runs from 2 PM to 4 PM and there is no admission, but donations are welcome. It should be a great time, since it’s also Liz’s 18th birthday! There will be plenty of CYAC people around and everyone who wants to support young talent should come out and give Liz a boost. She’s one of the most talented kids I’ve met in years and it’s going to be real exciting to watch her grow as a filmmaker and performer in the future.

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Radio Free Charleston’s seventy-second episode, “Sulu Nation Shirt,” is online now! Watch it quick, they don’t seem to have much of a shelf life these days. This episode features music from The Scrap Iron Pickers and Whitechapel District. We also have a guest appearance by The Chemical Valley Rollergirls, who coincidentally enough are holding tryouts June 30 at Skateland in Campbell’s Creek, where we shot our host segments this time.

We are driving to episode 75, in just three weeks. We’ll celebrate our third anniversary with a star-studded show featuring great music and shocking cameos. You can also check out our archives. Every day this month I’m reposting an entire classic episode of the show right here in PopCult. You can finally expose yourself to what some folks are calling “Charleston’s best-kept secret.”

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Today we bring you part two of our 2006 Halloween special, “Bob Dobbs Shirt.” If you watched yesterday, you saw that I was pushed off the fire escape at LiveMix and plunged to my death. In today’s show, hosted by my ghost, I present music from Professor Mike, Clownhole, and half of The Pistol Whippers. Ironically enough, while I recovered from being dead, the three bands on the show are no longer with us.

Later today look for Radio Free Charleston 72, “Sulu Nation Shirt,” with music from The Scrap Iron Pickers and Whitechapel District, plus a visit from The Chemical Valley Rollergirls. It should be posted here at The Gazz and the production notes will be here in PopCult.

The Drive To 75: “DEVO Shirt”

Episode seven of our show was Part One of the 2006 Halloween special, with music from The Concept and Whistlepunk. Plus, I get killed. This was our first two-parter and our first episode with a repeat guest from an earlier program. Part Two will beposted here tomorrow.

Today’s art, “Looking Through More Wires,” is a digital painting that’s part of a series I began a while back. A one-0f-a-kind aluminum print of this piece is going to be up for auction this coming Sunday, June 14, as part of a fundraiser for Liz McCormick.

The fundraiser will be at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater, 123 Summers Street, Charleston from 2 to 4 PM. It’s open to the public, and everyone is welcome. There will be live music from Liz, Melanie Larch, Ryan Hardiman and others and a screening of the Liz’s original films “Like the Dream Said” and “Guardian Angel: Part 1,” plus there will be food, fun and a silent art auction. Along with the piece you see above, I’m going to be contributing a few more Monday Morning Art works. Outside of the Cafepress stores, this will be the first time my artwork has been available for sale since 1990. There will also be work by real artists.

All proceeds will go to help Liz attend Interlochen: Center for the Arts Camp this summer, where she will study filmmaking for six weeks! You may remember Liz from Radio Free Charleston Horror Theater, our Halloween special from last year, and also our April Fool’s special this year. Liz is a very talented young lady and this is a great opportunity for her to polish her skills.

Our sixth episode saw us hitting a groove with a great short movie trailer parody by The No Pants Players and hot music from Professor Mike and Two Watts Of Power. We also had an animated version of the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon debates that was nominated for the 2006 Nobel Prize for animated historical reconstructions (we got beat out by Robot Chicken’s rendition of Lincoln farting the Pledge of Allegiance).

You can read the original production notes here. Host segments were shot atop one of the parking buildings at CAMC. The show is called “Chris Hero Shirt,” after the then-Heavyweight Champ of IWA East Coast. Tomorrow, part one of our first Halloween episode, with Whistlepunk and The Concept, plus I get killed!

The Drive To 75: The Best Of RFC 2006

It may seem a tad ridiculous that we did a “best of” show with less than a dozen shows in the can, but we did. Episode 12 of Radio Free Charleston is one big mega-mix of a show, which was essentially pulled out of thin air (or somewhere else) because my plans for shooting a big “Playboy After Dark” styled show at LiveMix in time for New Year’s didn’t exactly pan out. Only one person brought a guitar, and he asked us not to use his performance.

So today we present the rather silly and pointless episode 12 of Radio Free Charleston. If you like the acts you see included in this show, then go watch the videos that I’ve been posting here. By next weekend we’ll have posted the first eleven shows. The original production notes, or what passed for them, are here.