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Monday Morning Art: Tofujitsu at Taylor Books

The first Monday Morning Art of the new year is a digitally-assaulted photograph of Tofujitsu (Sean Richardson and Karen Allen) performing at Taylor Books, on the day after Christmas, 2008.  There’s a lot of tweaking and processing at work here, plus a trip through the Japanese pen filter. I loved the way the Christmas lights came out looking like stars.

You can hear Karen, from Tofujitsu, performing solo this Wednesday at 6:30 PM at Lola’s Pizza in South Hills. Sean will be there on January 21 at 6 PM, and they’ll both be back at Taylor Books on January 24 at 7:30. Go check ’em out.

Feel free to click the image for a larger version, and visit the Monday Morning Art store to purchase this image. In the unlikely event that we sell any of these, half the proceeds will go to Sean and Karen, possibly to help pay for part of a sandwich or something.  While you’re not buying things from the Monday Morning Art Store, please don’t forget to ignore the PopCult Store and the Radio Free Charleston Store, too.

Sunday Evening Videos: DEVO


This evening we take a quick look at the most recent work by DEVO.  “Watch Us Work It” was used on a Dell Computer commercial in late 2007, and was just recently released on vinyl, with additional remixes.  Check Club Devo for information how to purchase it.  It’s a great tune, a real throw-back to their early pre-“Whip It” sound.

On the other side of the jump, we present the same song, with a fan-edited video that uses the visuals from a Goldfrapp video.  Works better as a DEVO thing, if you ask me.

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