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Sunday Evening Videos: MEGO Action Figures

Last week I brought you a ton of cool videos about Captain Action, one of my favorite toys from the 1960s.  In the 1970s, Stan Weston, the licensing wizard who brought all the DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and King Features Syndicate characters to Captain Action struck again.  He took those licenses to MEGO, a small toy company that was struggling with their 8-inch-tall GI Joe knockoff, Action Jackson. The result was “The World’s Greatest SuperHeroes” line, which propelled MEGO to massive success, which dried up a few years later when they passed on the license for Star Wars.

Here’s a great promo film for 1976. Notice how they don’t seem to know the real superpowers of The Fantastic Four, plus the way they refer to The Falcon is…uh…unfortunate.

Coincedentally, Captain Action is now being made in the classic MEGO size.  I just got mine in this week, and I’ll be posting a review in a few days.  After the jump, we’ll look at a few more classic MEGO Toys.

MEGO Presents The Planet Of The Apes!

Them Duke Boys.

The Star Trek MEGO figures are currently being reproduced


We wrap up this week’s videos with a goofy look at bloopers from a MEGO Star Trek movie.