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There’s A Food Post In My Blog

Not to step on Brooke‘s toes, but I had a dining experience Tuesday night that I felt was worth mentioning.  I had the worst meal I’ve ever paid for.  I’m not going to beat a dead horse, although the chicken I had tasted sort of like it may have been used to beat a dead horse, but let me go on record: I will never eat at The Power Alley Grill again, even for free.

Memo to the Power Alley Grill: Bruschetta and Salsa ARE NOT THE SAME FOOD! Bruschetta does NOT have taco sauce in it. Also, salads are supposed to arrive BEFORE the main course, not after. “We were taking an extra twenty minutes to make sure that your chicken was burned so badly that you can’t tell whether or not it’s boneless” is not a good excuse for the meal taking so long to prepare.

That is all.