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A Weekend Becomes Monday Morning Art

Cool MEGO custom by Lee, from The Ghosts Of Now

Yes, in the spirit of FestivAll, a weekend becomes Monday Morning Art.  Which is just my way of saying that I was so busy this weekend, that I didn’t have time to do any art. So here’s a photo essay instead. Monday Morning Art will return next week. 

In addition to all the fun, I was also working on RFC 45, which should go online in the next day or two.  You can see T.J. King, a guest on that show, in the montage above. Follow the jump for more pictures.

We began the weekend at the Unitarian Universalist Church, where a small, enthusiastic crowd marked the Summer Solistice with music and poetry.  Aside from the drum circle, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen performed, as did RFC’s resident Diva, Melanie Larch. It was a fun night.

After that, I made a quick stop to The Vault (my first time there) to hear Sean Richardson and Karen Allen (with Deron Sodaro sitting in on bass).  I don’t know quite what to make of The Vault as a music venue, but they certainly do run a tight ship as a bar, with sharp-dressed waitresses and bouncers and speedy service. 

I spent Saturday wearing my nephew as a hat.

We went to Books A Million to hear Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, and wound up running into all manner of friends of RFC. Besides Jonathon and Laura, we got to hang out briefly with Paul Mullins (the Gladiator from RFC’s Halloween Party) and his six-week old, Hadrian, plus Stephen and Amee Beckner. 

Above you see Laura and Jonathon performing, while Amee and Stephen Beckner talk to your baby-juggling PopCult blogger in the background.

Sunday was spent working on RFC, until the evening when we made our way to the Empty Glass, where the cook-out became a cook-in due to the weather.  After a couple of years of missed scheduling, we finally got to hear Unknown Hinson! The King of Country Western Rockabilly tore up the place and then stuck around to meet his fans.

Here we see Uknown Hinson posing with a random drunken fan. (the caption for this photo was written by Eamon Hardimon)

Here, The King prepares to sign a tattoo on the leg of a fan. The tattoo is of Early Cuyler, the character Uknown Hinson voices on the Adult Swim cartoon, Squidbillies. 

Finally we have Uknown Hinson posing with the host of some obscure webshow or something.  Rumor has it that he agreed to do a cameo for episode 50.