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A Weekend Filled With Live Music From Guests Of RFC.

Hot off an incredible show last night at the Empty Glass featuring future RFC guests, The Coal Men (a more detailed review is forthcoming here at PopCult), Charleston music fans won’t know which way to go, as the weekend is crammed to the gills with live shows featuring musical acts that have appeared on Radio Free Charleston.

Tonight, Sean Richardson, Karen Allen and Friends will appear at Taylor Books, 226 Capitol Street, starting at 7:30 PM.  Sean has appeared on RFC as a member of The Sleeping Dons, as a filmmaker, and as a solo performer.  You’ve seen Karen on the show singing lead with Whistlepunk. You really ought to make it out to hear these two.  They put on an amazing show with top-flight songs and voices sent from above.

After that show wraps up, if you love the Blues, then you’ll want to go to the Empty Glass, to see The Leon Waters Blues Band, featuring guitarist Raymond Wallace, who will appear on the very next episode of Radio Free Charleston next week.  These guys are legends in town, and they always put on a killer show.

Saturday night, Sean and Karen will be at Capitol Roasters.  RFC Big Shot Melanie Larch and I plan to be attendance, observing what we, using our fuzzy memories, have reached a consensus about what may possibly be the eighteenth anniversary of the day we met…give or take a week.  The show kicks off at 8:30 PM.

Later Saturday night, The Concept will light up The Blue Parrot with Rose City and False Prophet.  You can read the details at the Gatecrasher blog here at The Gazz.com. The Concept were huge hits on past episodes of RFC, and we plan to have them back in 2008.

So, there’s no excuse for you to be sitting on your butts at home.  Get out and listen to the live music.  Support the local scene!