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There’s more than just PopCult and Radio Free Charleston here at the Gazz.com.  While we’re recovering from our pirate antics at Halloween, sorting out browser issues  and gearing up for episode 30 of RFC, feel free to browse the bloggy goodness eleswhere here at this fine site:

Catch up with The Voo Doo Katz at Soundcheck.  They’re holding a pair of CD release shows Saturday!  Well worth checking out.

Gatecrasher has some fantastic video of Billy Matheny from his show a couple of weeks back. 

Over at WVFilm, Steve Fesenmaier catches up with my old pal, Professor Danger Danny Boyd.

In the newly-revived  NewSounds blog, some know-it-all is spouting off about new music releases. The review of the new CD by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss is up, many more are coming.

Brooke Brown saves me from wasting a Franklin at Gratzi over at “There’s A Blog In My Soup.” I guess I can cook my own Italian cuisine.  That way I know it’ll be good.

PopCult should be back to our normal posting schedule over the weekend.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to go watch episodes 29 and 28 of Radio Free Charleston!

As seen in the Best Bet this week, Punchline returns to The La Belle Theater in South Charleston with an all-ages show Friday night.  Local punk gods, The Concept open (before heading up to the Blue Parrot for an over-21 show later that night.  Also on the bill are Drop Dead Phred, and Triangle Shirt Factory.  Twelve bucks gets you in and the show starts at 6 PM.  I’ll be there!