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Short Notice:Take Mel Out To The Ballgame

I just got word that in less than four hours, Radio Free Charleston’s Resident Diva, Melanie Larch, will be performing the National Anthem before the playoff game tonight at Appalachian Power Park.  I think the game starts around 7 PM.  This is your chance to get out and show your support for the home team, The West Virginia Power, and hear my Mel sing up a storm.   Not literally, because then the game would be rained out, but you know what I mean. 

Cool Show Of The Week: Fundraiser At The La Belle

On Sunday, September 9 from 3pm-9pm a benefit concert will be held at the LaBelle Theater in South Charleston, WV. Proceeds from the concert will go to the Leigh Ann Bowlin Support Fund.  Leigh Ann is the cousin of Sean Richardson, and a friend to many.  Her prolonged battle with cancer has been very expensive, and this concert is dedicated to celebrating her great spirit and raising money to defray some of the costs of her illness.  There’s a reason that this show is a “Best Bet” this week.  It will not only be a day of truly outstanding music, but it’s also for a very good cause.

A great line-up of bands who have donated their time to help raise money to support Leigh Ann’s family, especially her 4 children.  A ten-dollar donation is recommended for admission.  Appearing on the bill are Sean Richardson, Whistlepunk, Comparsa, The Voo Doo Katz, The Rick Purdue Band, Mike Pushkin, Karmony, The River Ridge Band, and many others. 

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Behind The Scenes At Radio Free Charleston 26

Back To School” is the title of the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, and it’s appropriate because this installment of RFC is hosted by 12-year-old Cadence Young (right), a student at John Adams Middle School, and the daughter of RFC Big Shot Brian Young. That makes this our second consecutive show with second-generation RFC contributors, following Joe Slack’s performance in episode 25. Cadence graciously agreed to step in and host after I was mysteriously injured during the “Hello” segment. She did a great job, introducing our musical guests, Whistlepunk (with her dad on drums) and Sean Richardson.

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Tuesday Morning Art

We’re taking a running leap at the short work-week with some real new art, for a change.  This is a photograph, not digitally-assaulted, taken under the Fort Hill bridge on Magic Island Saturday afternoon, looking up  This shot is courtesy of my new toy, the Canon Powershot 630, which you will be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks.  Video shot with this little wonder even turns up in the next Radio Free Charleston (which might just go online later today).  

As always, click the image to see a larger version.  And you can also buy this image in the newly revamped Monday Morning Art Store, celebrating one whole year without a single sale! You can also follow these links to mock my efforts in the PopCult store and the Radio Free Charleston store.  At this point, if you buy anything, the shock might kill me.