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I’m on the Do Not Call list.  I like the list.  I wish it extended to politicians and charities.  I tend to get into deep concentration when I write, and the phone is my enemy.  So imagine my surprise tonight when I got a recorded solicitation.  I was incensed!  Who would dare interrupt me in the middle of watching “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” with a recorded message?  I was already planning to call the phone company and report them.

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Comic Book Scoops: WoW And More

The International Comic Con in San Diego is this weekend, and some advance morsels of comic industry news has leaked out.  The big news so far is that World Of Warcraft is coming to comic books. Here’s a round-up of some of the big stories that we’ll hear about as the week progresses.

Heidi MacDonald has a comprehensive rundown of the event schedules for many of the publishers, and it’s from her that I swiped the cool poster by Gene Ha that you see to the right.  Heidi will have more updates all week long.

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Calling All Space Whores!

Vampire Space Whores, that is.  Eamon Hardman, whose epic film from Razor Sharp Productions, “Vampire Whores From Outer Space”, just narrowly missed being nominated for an OSCAR last year (damned big-studio political maneuvering!) is working on a sequel.  An open casting call for “Return Of The Vampire Whores From Outer Space” will be held 6 PM Wednesday at the Blue Parrot.  Serious actresses will be welcome, as will, any chick willing to indulge in gratuitous nudity.  According to Eamon, “They actually get dialogue in this one……and some of them have names.” I’m pretty sure Jennifer Garner got her start this way.

You could land a role in this sure-to-be-classic motion picture if you:

1. Are from the Charleston (WV) area
2. Are at least 18 years of age
3. Enjoy the taste of fake blood
4. Don’t mind the taste of real blood
5. Shop at Hot Topic fairly often

If that sounds like your cup of blood, then get to the Blue Parrot Wednesday or contact Eamon through his MySpace page for more details.


This is one of the early digitally-assaulted photographs that I ran back in the early days of PopCult, but it’s never had a chance to shine in the era of the famed PopCult Cafepress Store, where each week readers of this blog get the chance to pass on buying T shirts and other overpriced trinkets with the Monday Morning Art image emblazoned across them.

Back in February, I ran a re-assaulted version of this same image. Sure, some could say that I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and reusing old material, but the truth is that I really think the Union Building looks cool standing there at the end of Capitol Street like a stone Holden Caulfield, determined not to let any of the cars go careening into the river.  It’d be a more apt literary analogy if the traffic on Capitol Street actually went towards the building, instead of being one-way away from it, but I’m sticking with it. Plus, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and reusing old material.

As always, click the photo for a larger view.  And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. Both are now approaching one full year without a single customer!

Mall Walking

I spent some time walking around the mall over the weekend, and there were some cool things seen and heard in the aftermath of Hurricane Corbin.   Mel and I went up there Saturday after my Aunt’s funeral, and after grabbing an Almond Steamer from Starbucks (it’s my new life’s blood, by the way) Mel had a shoe incident, and we had to go to Payless.  I rarely ever venture down into that end of the mall’s second floor, so it’s almost like visiting a mall in a distant town.   On leaving I noticed that Pac Sun was blasting one of my favorite obscure musical groups, The Aquabats. In fact, they were blasting “Look At Me (I’m A Winner)” from the Charge CD, which I reviewed here almost two years ago.  Hooray for them.  It almost made me want to venture into the store, but not quite.

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A Personal Note

I’d like to thank all the readers of PopCult for sending condolences last week following the death of my Aunt, Stella Jo Warden.  As you may have figured out, hers was the “family illness” that has taken me away from RFC and PopCult for much of the summer.  Stella was a huge part of my life, and will be greatly missed, but she was also a firm believer that life must go on, so this week look for PopCult to get back on track.  I’ll be posting some CD reviews, a preview of Sean Richardson’s mini-tour around town, and digging up some new surprises for you in advance of the San Diego International Comic Con this coming weekend. 

I’ll also be trying to finish episode 23 of Radio Free Charleston so that we can get it online by the end of the week. This is the big reunion show featuring The Feast Of Stephen.  Check PopCult all week.  In just a bit, I’ll be posting the Monday Morning Art, which is another revisiting of an older work, but it’s a goodie. 

In the meantime, check out some Unfortunately Placed Advertising (link courtesy of Mark Evanier) and see how the Daily Mail is picking up the slacknow that it’s been announced that The Weekly World News is suspending publication soon.

It’s been one busy, busy weekend in PopCult land, so we’re going to dig back deep in the archives and re-present a digitally-assaulted photograph of The Peoples Building on Summers Street, which originally ran here back in November 2005.  Work continues on RFC. Meanwhile, read the post below this one for what promises to be an intriguing night at the Sound Factory.

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O’2L (pronounced like “Peter O’Toole,” without the Peter) will bring their brand of new-age music to the Sound Factory on Kanawha Boulevard Monday night.  O’2L consists of  Jane Mangini  and  Al Pitrelli  from the famed Trans Siberian Orchestra, whose Christmas concerts sell out regularly around here.  This is a great chance to catch these world-class musicians stretching musical boundaries in a more intimate setting right here in Charleston.  Admission is only ten dollars. The doors open at 9 PM and the show starts at 10.

Rock at the Labelle: Part Deux

Tonight In Formation (right)  headlines yet another cool all-ages show at the Labelle Theater, 311 D Street in South Charleston.  Supporting In Formation tonight will be  Virginia Street, and the newly-renamed Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars (left), who appeared on episode 22 of Radio Free Charleston as “Aurora.” 

If you go, five bucks gets you in the door and the show starts at 7 PM.  Get out and support the local music scene in a smoke-free environment.

Labelle Reminder: Rock Show Tonight!

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget that tonight, Seven Minutes To Midnight, The Suits, and Mark Baits will be performing at the lovely Labelle Theater at 311 D Street in South Charleston. The show starts at 7 PM and it’s only five bucks to get in the door.  Go read this post from Monday for more details.