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Whistlepunk Returns!

You may remember Whistlepunk from the first and seventh episodes of Radio Free Charleston, or from numerous posts here in PopCult last year. That was the old trio version. Get ready for Whistlepunk 2.0, as vocal dynamo Karen Allen, formerly of Crazy Jane, lends her talents to Spencer Elliott, Dan Jordan, and Brian Young to create a whole new musical experience. You can see additional footage of Karen solo, in the Gatecrasher blog here at TheGazz.com. 

The video above, for the song “The Good,” shows one facet of the band. That was just shot last Saturday afternoon at LiveMix Studio and rush-edited by yours truly for your viewing enjoyment.

The MP3 below reveals another side of this multi-dimensional band.

Whistlepunk “Outshine”

Ah, the wonders of TheGazz.com multimedia!

You can catch the reborn Whistlepunk Friday night at The Sound Factory, 812 Kanawha Blvd, Charleston. They’ll open the evening around 10 p.m., and you can stick around for The Red Velvets and Thistle. Call (304) 342-8001 for more information, and be sure to watch for the next episode of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Whistlepunk and Josh Buskirk–coming next week to GazzTV.

Monday Morning Art: Band Art

We kick off the week with what looks like a poster for a local band or something. It is.  Over the weekend I shot a few videos of Whistlepunk for Radio Free Charleston. You will see part of the fruits of our labor later today.  We recorded the band Saturday, and I spent Sunday working on editing. 

This left no time for making other types of art, so I just digitally-assaulted a composite of two frame-grabs from the first finished video.  And that’s your Monday Morning Morsel of Meaty Mixed Media.  Check PopCult later today for a special non-RFC video and a bonus MP3 from the new and improved Whistlepunk, now featuring 100 % more Karen Allen.  This is all in advance of their show Friday at The Sound Factory.

Click the image to enlarge.  This design, like all pieces of Monday Morning art, can be purchased on a variety of overpriced trinkets and shirts at our Monday Morning Art store  go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. You still have time to be the first customer!   The band is good enough that we might actually sell some of these.  Which means I’ll probably have to give them a cut.

Tune In Thursday!

My buddy Craig Wichman is doing his part to keep radio drama alive.  Starting Thursday, you can hear the first of a two-part radio adaptation of one of the greatest plays of all time.


acclaimed Audio Dramatization
Of William Shakespeare’s timeless 1599 play
Adapted and Directed by JAY STERN
Produced by Craig Wichman

A bloody, true story of the ever-shifting lines between governance and oppression, political action and violence…

Featuring (in alphabetical order
CLYDE BALDO – Robert Chaney – BERNADETTE FIORELLA  – Joseph Franchini – Derek Lively
Katie Nutt – Emma Palzere – John Prave – JAMES PRENDERGAST – Dan Renkin

PART the FIRST: Thursday, May 17, 1pm EST
PART the SECOND: Thursday, May 24, 1pm EST

Streaming Online
WMPG 90.9/104.1 Greater Portland Maine
Hosted by Frederick Greenhalgh

Each 30 m. program podcast thereafter at

Cool Thing Of The Week: Live Music In So Chas

You can’t deny it.  Live music is a cool thing.  This week past and future musical guests on Radio Free Charleston will be performing in South Charleston.

Friday night In Formation will be headlining a show at the Labelle Theater at 311 D Street in South Charleston.  This will be the first time that I’ll get a chance to see them at their full strength, as a four-piece.  These guys have an incredible sound and we’re going to have them on Radio Free Charleston as soon as we can figure out the schedule.   Also on tap for the show are singer songwriters Joe Slack, Jordan Searls, and Aurora.  Tickets are only three bucks, and the show starts at 7 PM. 

Saturday you can catch The Concept at The Athletic Club in South Charleston for free.  Bill Lynch has all the details here. In addition to their appearances on RFC, you can catch a quick live clip of The Concept over at the Gatecrasher blog, here at TheGazz.com.

So this weekend, all the cool kids will be standing in the shadow of the mound in South Charleston.

Production Notes For RFC 19

After many delays and shifted gears, Episode Nineteen of Radio Free Charleston is online now!

This episode features the web debut of The Ghosts Of Now, vintage psychedelia from Go Van Gogh, a crappy devil cartoon, a commercial parody, and more, all hosted by yours truly, at Coonskin park.

Continue reading…

This week’s art dropping is a digitally-assaulted photograph taken while strolling down Summers Street, looking Westward. I colorized, squashed, and tweaked a rather mundane shot and turned it into a piece of rather mundane art.  But at least the colors are purty.  Have you noticed that the quality of my Monday Tuesday Morning Art drops during weeks when I’m finishing up an episode of Radio Free Charleston?  By the way, the new show, and its accompanying production notes will be posted later today.

 As always, click the photo for a larger view. And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. You still have time to be the first customer!

Get Ready For RFC 19

Coming Tuesday!  The debut of Ghosts Of Now! Vintage Go Van Gogh!  Pentagram Flowerbox!  More mind-hurting weirdness!  More exclamation points than any post in PopCult history!  Check back tomorrow for production notes and the entire show!

Monday Morning Excuse

No art until Tuesday this week.  I’m knee-deep in episode 19 of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Ghosts Of Now, Go Van Gogh, Pentagram Flowerbox, and a commercial for Hops and Yeast!

 Until tomorrow, look at this drawing of a pretty flower I just did in Paintshop Pro.  It took 23 seconds.

Missing Cats

This is a favor for a friend.  If you live in the area and see the missing cats, please contact Suz.

Cool Thing Of The Week: A Jam-packed Weekend!

It’s a huge weekend for friends and fans of Radio Free Charleston!  You can see several of the performers we’ve had, or will have, on the show playing all around town. 

Tonight, The Concept, who everybody in the world wrote about last week, is playing at The Empty Glass at 10 PM.  Click here for a quick review of their RFC pedigree.

Friday and Saturday night, The No Pants Players, who were on the very first episode of RFC, as well as appearing on episode six, with future projects in the planning stages, return to The Labelle Theater in South Charleston.  You can get the details here.

Opening for The NPP on Friday will be In-Formation, an exciting young band who are slated to appear on RFC next month.

Satruday night at Capitol Roasters, Comparsa rings in Cinco De Mayo  from 7:30 to 9:30 with an evening of great Latin music and dance.  Then the band packs up and moves across town to The Empty Glass to continue the festivities. Comparsa’s head honcho, Eduardo Canelon, appeared on episode three of RFC, and we hope to have the whole band on sometime soon.

Finally, Sunday sees The Ghosts Of Now playing at The Sound Factory.  The Ghosts Of Now are the re-formulated Stone Ka-Tet, and if all goes well, we’ll be taping them for the very next episode of RFC on Saturday night.

So quit complaining that there’s nothing to do in Charleston, and go out and enjoy the coolness!