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A Musical Treat

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from the RFC archives:

Clownhole with Old Man Jumpin’ Over A Fence
Old Man Jumpin’ Over A Fence.

Just right click on the title to play, or go here to download.

12-String virtuoso Josh Buskirk is performing at Taylor Books Friday April 13.  We were lucky enough to tape Josh last Saturday in Parkersburg for the next episode of Radio Free Charleston. You’ll be able to watch that episode Monday, but we’re bringing you a chunk of that show right now! 

Over the weekend, we’ll post the production notes for this very special Radio Free Charleston.  This is just a taste.  Now go hear Josh at Taylors. 

Fans Bring The Weapons!

Tomorrow Night.  IWA East Coast. South Charleston Community Center.  Fans Bring The Weapons.  That is all.

..due to circumstances beyond our control, the premiere of the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, where we go to Parkersburg, has been delayed.   More details and YouTube clips to hold you until we get it posted to come…

One day late, but worth it.  Today’s art is a digitally-assaulted frame grab from video shot during last year’s Festiv-All.  On Capitol Street, between performances by The No Pants Players and Drew The Dramatic Fool, a strolling accordionist inspired a couple to bust a move, right there in front of the Visions Day Spa. 

As always, click the photo for a larger view. And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store. You still have time to be the first customer!

Radio Free Parkersburg

Coming Monday, April 16…

Monday Morning Art Deferred

I’m taking an extra day before springing my Monday Morning Art on you this week.   Gotta take the time to finish up the next RFC (watch for a trailer later today, and the full show tomorrow).  In the meantime, go take advantage of the extra day to not order stuff from last week in the Monday Morning Art Cafepress Store, with Lee Street identified as Summers, last week’s shirts are sure to be an ultra-rare “error” should anyone be foolish enough to order one.  Also, take a peek at a work in progress.  This one, I’m sure, is a shot of Capitol Street, looking North-ish from Davis Square.  It’s not finished yet.

Happy Easter!

For all you religious folks, up early for morning services, here’s Melanie Larch singing “Ave Maria” from the Radio Free Charleston Christmas episode.

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Song Of The Week: Under The Radar sings Dylan

Our song of the week this week is a special performance of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” by Under The Radar.  Rusty, Bill and Mark tore through this version of the classic rock song while warming up for their performance on the most recent episode of Radio Free Charleston.  

Click the little MP3 player, or go here for a download.

“All Along The Watchtower” by Under The Radar
Under The Radar “All Along The Watchtower”

You can also see the Under The Radar boys on episodes Four and Seventeen of Radio Free Charleston, and check out their previous Song Of The Week here.

You can catch Under The Radar in their acoustic mode Saturday Night at the Walker Theater at The Clay Center, as they open for Tim Bays as part of the Woody Hawley Concert series. 

IF YOU GO: Tim Bays with opening act Under the Radar, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 7 at the Clay Center’s Walker Theater. Adults $12, seniors and students $7. Call 561-3570 or visit www.theclaycenter.org.

Whistlepunk 2.0

Tonight, area music fans can hear the new version of Whistlepunk, now featuring powerhouse vocalist Karen Allen (formerly of Crazy Jane) at the Empty Glass, opening for Zelazowa. You’ll have to use a divining rod to figure out The Glass’s mysterious cover charge, but it’ll be well worth it.

I got a sneak preview last night, and the band sounds amazing.You may remember Whistlepunk from episodes One and Seven of Radio Free Charleston, or from the countless times I’ve written about them here in PopCult. With the addition of Karen to the already impressive line up of Spencer Elliott, Dan Jordan, and Brian Young, the band seems poised to rule the world.

IF YOU GO: The show should start around 10 PM at The Empty Glass,  410 Elizabeth St. Call 345-9893 for cover or visit www.emptyglass.com.