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Mooninites Invade Boston

According to Reuters, Boston police today spent much of the afternoon dealing with a hoax that saw “devices” around the city suspected of being bombs.  One was even detonated.  It was while the police were in a panic and all the cable news channels were devoting their airtime to the situation that somebody noticed that these “devices” bore the image of The Mooninites, from Adult Swim’s popular “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” cartoon.

The Mooninites are invaders from the Moon who treat everyone with condescension and disrespect.  They encourage the impressionable Meatwad to drink, smoke, and shoplift.  Also, they look like bad Atari videogame characters, circa 1980.  The Mooninites also like to give the finger a lot.

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Today’s the day! Let your inner ape out by wearing your Gorilla Suit.  Click on the banner for the full story.

Tuesday Morning Art: Redballz 2

This week’s Monday Tuesday Morning Art revisits another previous PopCult piece, Redballz.  This is a pencil sketch I did in 1980, digitized and colorized in 2005. 

As always, click to enlarge, and go here to mock my fruitless efforts to sell crap with my artwork on it.

Monday Morning Art Delayed

It’ll go up Tuesday Morning.  Quit yer gripin’!  This just means that the next Radio Free Charleston is almost done.  Crunch time, people!  So tune in tomorrow for your weekly dose of “art.”  Meanwhile, don’t forget…..

Song And Video Of The Week

From the latest Radio Free Charleston, it’s The Concept with the music video for “Guitar Pick In My Kool Aid.”

Note the tag at the end.  Don’t forget National Gorilla Suit Day!

Lest We Forget….

Ace Of Cakes is a reality show on The Food Network that follows the adventures of master cake-maker Duff Goldman and his talented crew at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.  The show works because Goldman and his team of cake decorators are immensely talented, and also quirky enough to be interesting to watch.   The second season of “Ace Of Cakes” debuted last week, and new episodes can be seen Thursday nights at 10:30.  This is a great show to watch because not only are the folks doing the cake decorating fun to watch, but the cakes themselves are imaginative, sometimes bizarre creations that take the art of cake decorating to new heights. 

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Monday Morning Art: Scape No. 3


This week’s Monday Morning Art is yet another in the long-running “Scape” Series, the first of which I posted way back in 2005.   Today’s example is “Number 3” which takes the exploded abstract landscape into autumnal colors for no particular reason. 

As always, click to enlarge, and go here to be repulsed by the high prices on the T Shirts, postcards and other trinketry. 

Production Notes: Radio Free Charleston

The first Radio Free Charleston of 2007 is online now.  In this episode we have great music from Martyranny’s Collective Pulse and The Concept, plus animation and a puppet show from me brudder, Frank.   We shot the host segments in downtown Charleston on a cold, dreary morning…..and it shows!

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Cool Thing Of The Week: A Show

This week’s cool thing is a local art, music, and social justice show to be held Thursday Night, January 18, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 520 Kanawha Blvd. West. 

Shannon Murray, a Minnesota singer-songwriter will be performing her socially-aware music as part of her 36 Northeast US tour promoting her new CD, “Elated.”  Shannon is part of the Riotfolk collective, which pledges that they are “Making Folk A Threat Again.”  

Supporting Ms. Murray will be Martyranny’s Collective Pulse, the buskers who perform in front of the library. MCP is fresh from their appearance on the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, and this is a great way to hear their wonderful music indoors. 

The music portion of the show runs from 7 PM to 9 PM.  At 6:30m artist Amy Williams will have an art show opening, and attendees will be invited to help Amy make “Sadako” cranes for the Charleston Peace Crane Project.   There will also be information tables featuring Friends Of The Mountains, WV Free, and WV Citizens Action Group.   It promises to be a fun and enlightening evening.

If you go: This all ages show takes place from 7 PM to 9 PM (with the art show kicking off earlier) at the United Universalist Congregation, 520 Kanawha Blvd. West.  There will be a sliding scale admission of $2 to $5 (no one will be turned away).