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Stars With Scars

IWA East Coast returns to the South Charleston Community Center tomorrow night with “Stars With Scars,” an evening of fine choreographed ultra-violence. 

Fans willl see Zac Vincent, who had a tremendous match with TNA’s Sonjay Dutt at September’s  Zero-G Crown tournament, square off with Mike Quackenbush in a match that is sure to thrill fans of high-flying action.  Then IWA’s monster, The Warpig controlled by his handler Dr. Max Graves, takes on “Omega” Aaron Draven.

Juggulator with Crowza and Woody Numbers (AKA the Gang Bang Connection) will be taking on 1/2 of Baka Gaijin and JCW superstar, 2 Tuff Tony. Next we have JD Santos vs. The Midnight Rider. It is speculated that the Midnight Rider is really a legendary wrestling figure from the past, reborn with a secret identity. .

Next up, 1/2 of the Hane Brothers, Sam Hane takes on WWF and WCW legend The Barbarian in a falls count anywhere in the building match! This match will be hard hitting and very brutal. 

Former WWE and WCW superstar (also former ECW world champion) Jerry Lynn challenges Chris Hero for his IWA East Coast championship belt!  This will be a match for the ages, as Hero makes his long-awaited return to IWA EC to defend his title.

Capping off the evening, IWA EC presents a  Four Sides of Pain match. One side of the ring will be covered with light tubes, one side with thumbtacks, one side with mouse traps, and one side with barbed wire.  IWA East Coast mainstay Mad Man Pondo takes on Fukimoto, who comes straight from the Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings promotion in Japan. 

As an added bonus, joining Frank Manhattan and Kevin Pauley on commentary for the show will be none other than everybody’s favorite full blooded italian, Tracy Smothers!

If you go: IWA EAST COAST presents “Stars With Scars” at the South Charleston Community Center Wednesday November 15 2006.   Bell time is 7:00 PM.  Tickets are available at the door and are $15 for ringside seats and $10 for general admission. 

Episode Nine

Hey! You guys go watch the new Radio Free Charleston, while I try to figure out how to get this new blogging software to work!

Tuesday Afternoon Art

We’re running late this week, so the Monday Morning Art is going up Tuesday Afternoon.  But here it is “Bank,” a rendition of the Sun Trust Bank Building, shot from the pointy end of the Lee Street Triangle.  

 As always, click on the picture to enlarge, and the title to look at the T Shirts. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Say goodnight, Blogger

There will be no new posts at thegazz.com lineup of blogs all day Tuesday, Nov. 7 as we switch to a new blogging program. We are abandoning blogger.com and moving to an in-house version of the Word Press blogging program. It’s hard to complain about a free program (which blogger.com is) and are thankful blogger.com blogs got us blogging in the first place. But long lulls in fresh posts to our gazzblogs have not always been because of bloggers asleep at the switch. Sometimes, the switch didn’t work. We have too often been unable to post for long stretches of time and it went on one time too many. And on the web, no one can hear you scream (which is what I was doing when our blogs were down). Our hope is the new program, hosted on our own servers, will allow is to serve up more frequent content to gazzblogs. Stay tuned.

thegazz.com editor
Douglas Imbrogno

Monday Morning Art: The Capitol

Last week I used a digitally-assaulted photograph of the capitol building to illustrate the Blogger meet-up at Capitol Roasters (which was much fun and I’ll be blogging about it later today). I like that photo, which was taken out the back window of a moving car that I was driving, so I played around with it some more, and came up with today’s art. “Capitol” is a stark rendering of the capitol building in purple, black and white.

Click the picture to enlarge, the title to look at the T shirts.

WV Blogger Meet Ups

Area bloggers will be getting together twice in the next week to gather and share our top-secret plans for world domination…and exchange recipes. Both Meetings are at Capitol Roasters, on the corner of Quarrier and Summers streets in Charleston.

The first meeting is Saturday November 4 at 2 PM. We’ll be getting together to meet each other and talk about all the huge money we make from our blogging plantations. Anyone who writes (or reads) a West Virginia-based blog is welcome to stop by. It’s an informal thing, cooked up over at the West Virginia Blogger’s Board.

Election Day, Charleston Area Bloggers, another informal group, will meet at Capitol Roasters from 7 Am to 9 AM. This will be the first CAB meeting for several months, and again anybody is welcome to come by. If you don’t have a blog when you get there, you may have one when you leave. It’s happened before.

I plan to be at both meetings. It’s a perk of being a freelancer. Plus, I love the Italian Creams at Capitol Roasters.