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Radio Free Charleston Production Notes: Episode Four

Episode Four of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Raymond Wallace and Under The Radar, is now online. It’s another 12-minute dip into the local music scene with great music, cool animation, and weird little bits of ephemera. You can see it here.

Raymond Wallace is the first musical guest, and you can read more about him and check out his Songs Of The Week here. We brought him into the studio and put a guitar in his hands and let the cameras roll. He’d barely touched a guitar for two years, and it’s a kick seeing him playing again after all he’s been through.

Our animated short this week is “Zachery Bop,” an experimental CGI piece that my brother Frank made on primitive coal-fueled computers over ten years ago. Frank also composed the music on an electric abacus.

Under The Radar gave us our SOTW just yesterday, and they tear up the LiveMix studio with “Me, The Boys And Jack,” a rock ‘n’ roll song about the exploits of the crew of the PT 109 during World War Two. Be sure to give a listen to their take on Gershwin’s “Summertime,” while you’re digging their music.

The shirt I’m wearing in this show features The Blue Guy, AKA The Blue Meanie of WWE/ECW fame. Meanie performed at the IWA East Coast show in June, and I snapped up one of his shirts to wear on the show. That’s me and Meanie at the IWA EC after show party, in a photo by Daniel Boyd. If you want one of these shirts for yourself, you can check out Meanie’s post here, for details on how to order one.