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Review: ‘Gravity Rush Remastered’

Just because a gaming system fails to find an audience doesn’t necessarily mean the platform lacks quality software. The PlayStation Vita is a perfect example.

Sony’s powerful handheld may have struggled to gain a foothold in the crowded mobile market, but it was home to several very good games. Unfortunately many of those titles went unnoticed by the majority of gamers who didn’t own a Vita.

Now Sony is giving one of these games a second chance.

“Gravity Rush,” which first launched on the Vita in 2012, makes the move to PlayStation 4 today with the release of “Gravity Rush Remastered.” Developed by Bluepoint Games (SCE Studios Japan created the original), the port features enhanced high-definition graphics, an improved frame-rate and the same great gravity-defying gameplay that made the original such a unique experience.

gravityrushPlayers control Kat, a young girl with a missing memory and the ability to manipulate gravity. The gameplay possibilities that come with her special talents elevate “Gravity Rush Remastered” above most traditional action-platformers. Whether it’s turning a floor into a wall or bending gravity in order to gain a fresh perspective during combat, Kat’s abilities make her a powerful protagonist. The story is equally engaging, as Kat proves to be as personable as she is powerful.

“Gravity Rush Remastered” is a terrific addition to the PS4 library and well worth a look even if you’ve already experienced the original on Vita. It’s also a fine opportunity to get familiar with the characters and gameplay before the full-blown sequel arrives on PS4 later this year.

“Gravity Rush Remastered”

Developer: Bluepoint Games

Publisher: SCEA

Available for: PlayStation 4

Rating: T for teen

Score: 8.0/10