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Review: ‘Layers of Fear’

layers of fear

When it comes to horror games, I have no problem dealing with hordes of zombies or twisted creatures ripped straight from someone’s nightmares. It’s the unseen terrors, those things that go bump in the night and lurk in the dark corners of the mind, that make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

And that’s exactly the kind of horror you’ll find in “Layers of Fear,” the recent release from independent development studio Bloober Team.

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twd michonne

Telltale Games has already shown it knows how to tell a compelling original story within Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” universe. But what about crafting a game around a well-established and beloved character?

If the debut episode of “The Walking Dead: Michonne” is any indication, the developer is up to the challenge.

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Review — ‘Dying Light: The Following’

I thoroughly enjoyed Techland’s “Dying Light” when it released early last year. You can see how much I liked it by checking out my review.

What I liked most about “Dying Light” wasn’t its parkour-style movement system, though that was definitely cool. It wasn’t the story or the seemingly endless weapon crafting options. No, what I liked most about the parkour-infused survival-horror romp was the high tension created once the sun went down and the zombie threat ramped up.

The game’s first major DLC expansion, the recently released “The Following,” changes things up quite a bit by introducing a large new area to explore and, more significantly, bringing vehicles into the mix. I was initially concerned that the inclusion of vehicles would eliminate those tense moments that made “Dying Light” so memorable. Let’s face it, zombies aren’t that scary when you’re running them over in your souped-up buggy.

But all it took was one ill-timed trip into the countryside to put my fears to rest.

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Review: ‘Gravity Rush Remastered’

Just because a gaming system fails to find an audience doesn’t necessarily mean the platform lacks quality software. The PlayStation Vita is a perfect example.

Sony’s powerful handheld may have struggled to gain a foothold in the crowded mobile market, but it was home to several very good games. Unfortunately many of those titles went unnoticed by the majority of gamers who didn’t own a Vita.

Now Sony is giving one of these games a second chance.

“Gravity Rush,” which first launched on the Vita in 2012, makes the move to PlayStation 4 today with the release of “Gravity Rush Remastered.” Developed by Bluepoint Games (SCE Studios Japan created the original), the port features enhanced high-definition graphics, an improved frame-rate and the same great gravity-defying gameplay that made the original such a unique experience.

gravityrushPlayers control Kat, a young girl with a missing memory and the ability to manipulate gravity. The gameplay possibilities that come with her special talents elevate “Gravity Rush Remastered” above most traditional action-platformers. Whether it’s turning a floor into a wall or bending gravity in order to gain a fresh perspective during combat, Kat’s abilities make her a powerful protagonist. The story is equally engaging, as Kat proves to be as personable as she is powerful.

“Gravity Rush Remastered” is a terrific addition to the PS4 library and well worth a look even if you’ve already experienced the original on Vita. It’s also a fine opportunity to get familiar with the characters and gameplay before the full-blown sequel arrives on PS4 later this year.

“Gravity Rush Remastered”

Developer: Bluepoint Games

Publisher: SCEA

Available for: PlayStation 4

Rating: T for teen

Score: 8.0/10