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“Animal Crossing” fans rejoice: Nintendo’s next foray into mobile gaming — “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” — is set to launch next month.

During a Nintendo Direct presentation Wednesday, Nintendo unveiled the first details about “Pocket Camp,” which will be free to download for Apple and Android users. In “Pocket Camp,” players will be responsible for designing and customizing a campsite that your friends and familiar “Animal Crossing” residents can visit.

Crafting will play a big role in “Pocket Camp” as you’ll be able to collect resources in order to build furniture and accessories to further personalize your site. You can even build amenities, larger-than-life attractions that are sure to be the envy of all your furry friends. Many of the traditional “Animal Crossing” activities will also be available, including collecting bugs, planting trees and flowers, and of course, fishing.

Seasonal events are expected to return, bringing exclusive items to collect. Of course, you can also spend real money to purchase Leaf Tickets, which can be used to obtain items more quickly.

While I’ve never been a big fan of mobile gaming — that includes the “Pokemon Go!” craze, which I avoided at all costs — I am really looking forward to revisiting the “Animal Crossing” universe, even if it is only on my phone.

I’m not ashamed to say that “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is one of my most-anticipated games of the fall release season. The original “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” remains one of my favorite games of last generation and is hands-down the title my kids and I spent the most time playing together.

And “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” looks like the bigger, better sequel we’ve been waiting on for years.

In addition to unveiling a new story trailer recently at New York Comic Con, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced what players can expect in the way of DLC and the obligatory Season Pass.

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The next entry in EA’s action driving franchise, “Need for Speed: Payback,” is racing toward retail, and today the publisher unveiled the game’s official story trailer. You can take it for a test drive above.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for “Need for Speed” as the early iterations on PC were some of the first racing games I ever played. Though the series has hit a few potholes over the years, “Payback” has certainly piqued my interest.

“Need for Speed: Payback” launches Nov. 10 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate Friday’s release of “The Evil Within 2,” publisher Bethesda has released a new launch trailer, which you can view above.

“The Evil Within 2” continues the story of detective Sebastian Castellanos as he braves unspeakable horrors in search of his daughter, Lily. The original game, directed by Shinji Mikami of “Resident Evil” fame, helped usher in a new era of survival-horror games and the sequel looks every bit as terrifying.

Fittingly, “The Evil Within 2” arrives on Friday the 13th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

As we inch closer to the launch of “WWE 2K18,” 2K continues to release new information about the game.

In the video above, you can check out the all-new Road to Glory mode, in which you take your created MyPLAYER character and compete online against other players to rank up and earn spots on virtual pay-per-views. It looks like a cool addition to the standard MyCAREER mode and could be the series’ answer to The Neighborhood found in “NBA 2K18.”

2K also offered a look at what players can expect in Universe Mode this year. In a new developer diary blog post on the game’s official website, designer Cristo Kyriazis talks about the big additions to the mode, including an overhaul of the rivalry mechanic, a more flexible event scheduling system and the introduction of Power Rankings. If, like myself, you enjoy spending hours booking your own custom WWE from within Universe Mode, there are some nuggets mentioned here to get genuinely excited about.

Thankfully we won’t have to wait much longer to experience “WWE 2K18” for ourselves. The game launches Oct. 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Xbox and PS4 players who purchase the deluxe addition get access to the game four days early, Oct. 13.

We’re only days away from the release of one of the year’s most anticipated games, “Middle-earth: Shadow of War.”

While those who played through the original “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” will no doubt feel right at home slaying orcs in visceral third-person combat, exploring the vast open world of Mordor and making friends — or enemies — through the Nemesis System, “Shadow of War” could prove a bit intimidating at first for new players.

For those first-time players, or anyone just seeking a refresher on what to expect in “Shadow of War,” Bruz the Chopper is here to help. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a “Shadow of War” 101 trailer in which the colorful orc gives players a look back at the original game and provides a peek at what to expect in the sequel. You can check it out above.

“Middle-earth: Shadow of War” launches Oct. 10 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

“The Pact,” the second episode of Telltale Games’ “Batman: The Enemy Within,” will launch Oct. 3.

Following the bombshell dropped at the end of Episode 1– you can read my review here — “The Pact” finds Gotham facing a new threat and Batman/Bruce Wayne forced to again work with John Doe to save the city.

The trailer for Episode 2 also introduces us to Harley Quinn and, in the final scene, a menacing character that looks an awful lot like Bane. If Bane is, indeed, making an appearance, I’m looking forward to seeing how Telltale handles one of Batman’s most dangerous foes given their past willingness to deviate from established source material and put their own spin on familiar characters.

Rockstar rolls out ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ trailer

Rockstar Games today released a new trailer for the “Red Dead Redemption 2” and it is nothing short of glorious. Check it out above and see for yourself. It may well be the best 1:30 you spend today.

“Red Dead Redemption 2” introduces us to a new protagonist, Arthur Morgan, and the adventures of the Van de Linde gang, which players may remember from the first “Red Dead Redemption.” The trailer shows off bank robberies, train heists, plenty of violence, a feisty grizzly bear and some gorgeous looking environments.

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is currently targeting a Spring 2018 release, which isn’t nearly soon enough.

Before getting into the announcement of DLC superstars and the “WWE 2K18” season pass info, take a moment and check out the latest TV spot above. It debuted during No Mercy and features rhymes by Snoop Dogg himself. It’s pretty cool.

Now on to the important stuff. The highlight of this year’s crop of DLC characters is The Hardy Boyz who, along with Beth Phoenix and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, will be available in the Enduring Icons DLC pack for $9.99.

Those wanting to “walk with Elias” will be delighted to hear that everyone’s favorite drifter is included in the NXT Generation pack, along with Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Lars Sullivan and Ruby Riot. That pack will also be available for $9.99.

My personal favorite piece of DLC, the Accelerator pack, also returns. For $4.99, this grants players access to all unlockable content (minus DLC, of course) and the ability to adjust ratings and attributes for all characters. I’m pretty stingy when it comes to paying extra for DLC, but this is one I purchase every year. It’s worth every penny.

Other DLC packs include the MyPlayer Kickstart ($9.99), which lets you boost your created character’s stats, and the New Moves pack ($3.99), which includes moves like Tye Dillinger’s Tie Breaker and Kassius (You’ll Always Be Chris Hero To Me, Dang It!) Ohno’s Crash Landing.

Players looking to save a little coin can opt to purchase the Season Pass, which includes all of the aforementioned DLC packs for $29.99, a savings of more than 20 percent.

“WWE 2K18” launches Oct. 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo Switch version will launch later this year.

Bethesda recently released a new trailer for “The Evil Within 2,” this one showcasing the creepy Father Theodore, one of the human “monsters” you’ll encounter during the game.

In this sequel to the woefully underrated “The Evil Within,” players again assume the role of Sebastian Castellanos as he searches for his daughter, Lily. The original game remains one of the more enjoyable — and frightening — modern survival-horror games I’ve played and the sequel looks every bit as entertaining.

“The Evil Within 2” launches, fittingly, on Friday, Oct. 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.