Plugged In

Being a true account of the author’s trials and travails in Destiny 2 PvP

Vol. 4

Alright, let’s talk some PvP! I now present to you some of my favorite rolls I’ve gotten so far, and what I believe makes them so good in the Crucible.

Bad Reputation: 600 rpm energy smg with dusk dot d1 or king dot d2 sights; ricochet rounds or armor-piercing rounds; zen moment; and kill clip. Handling masterwork.

This is probably the best example of a clear, no-bones-about-it god roll that I’ve gotten so far. This one is rolled to shred, with ricochet rounds boosting both range and stability (but without the extra zoom of rangefinder, which I find hinders me in CQC), kill clip providing top-tier lethality, and zen moment giving it laser-beam stability. Seriously, using this thing sometimes almost feels like cheating. For a masterwork, handling is exactly what you’d want (and this is one of my few weapons that I’ve masterworked to level 10, the highest possible degree). This is as close to a perfect legendary smg as you’ll find in the game; not one single aspect of it could be better.

Play of the Game: Drum-fed grenade launcher with volatile launch, hard launch or smart drift control; proximity grenades or thermoplastic grenades; rangefinder; and rampage. Handling masterwork.

Volatile launch provides for the maximum blast radius obtainable on one of these, and proximity nades are what made the year-one (fixed roll) PotG so lethal. And rampage, ah, rampage. Rampage means this: I pick up heavy ammo and get four rounds in the mag, I kill one guy, and then my already considerable damage goes up for the next nade fired. By far my favorite power weapon. When I pick up heavy while wielding this, my clan mates can probably hear me salivating over the mic. As mentioned before, rangefinder and the handling masterwork are both rather useless considering that, in my book, ADSing with a drum-fed launcher is a cardinal sin.

Talons of the Eagle: 150 rpm scout rifle with chambered compensator or hammer-forged rifling; steady rounds or extended mag; zen moment; and moving target. Handling masterwork.

I played a lot of Iron Banner this past week (which was a little rough since power level is now factored in, but we’ll talk about this later) and got about six different rolls of this scout. This is the roll I ended up keeping. Zen moment and steady rounds give this thing superb stability once you get it going, and moving target helps you make sure every shot lands. Even with my potato aim, I’ve managed to 3-tap a few Guardians — a feat that, even with my beloved Jade Rabbit (with the catalyst), is not easy. While snappy handling is not critical on a long-range scout, the option to boost it through the masterwork is nice.

Trust: 180 rpm hand cannon with full bore or arrowhead brake; tactical mag or steady rounds; snapshot sights; and rampage. Handling masterwork.

Trust, the Gambit hand cannon, might be my favorite new weapon in the game; it’s definitely my favorite hand cannon (sorry, Ace of Spades; please don’t tell Cayde). I run full bore for max range, and tactical mag for slightly boosted stability, reload speed, and 10 rounds in the mag. Snapshot sights makes for unparalleled handling speed, and this thing seems to kill so quickly that rampage not only procs, but is actually made use of, far more often than you’d guess for a weapon of this type.

Handling is a useless masterwork to have on a gun that already has snapshot sights, and is the only thing keeping this from being a full-on god roll. Stability or range would be preferable.

Last Dance: Omolon 3-burst sidearm with farpoint, target, or quickdot SAS; light mag or alloy mag; tap the trigger; and threat detector. Stability masterwork.

This is an interesting one. Omolon 3-burst sidearms have always been great, but they now boast one of the fastest optimal times-to-kill in the game, at 0.5 seconds. I use light mag for boosted range and reload, and farpoint SAS for max range.

Threat detector is a great perk to have on any close-range weapon, of course, but the real marvel here is tap the trigger. This perk, which is described as providing an initial period of stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull, used to be associated with smgs and auto rifles, and would proc once upon pulling the trigger. However, burst sidearms require a trigger pull for each burst fired, and tap the trigger procs on every single trigger pull for this weapon. It’s nutty. This makes hip firing for critical headshots much more viable, as tap the trigger stabilizes the weapon and boosts accuracy for each burst, even at distance. This is one that almost got dismantled, until I decided to try it first, and wow. It’s a keeper. Not quite a god roll, though; ricochet rounds would grant it that status.

Finally, one might question whether a stability masterwork is needed on a weapon that already boasts a very high base stat in stability. But one would also be right to say more stability is never a bad thing.

Erentil FR-4: High-impact fusion rifle with torch hs3 or transmission ms7 sights; enhanced battery or liquid coils; quickdraw; and moving target. Reload masterwork.

This is probably the least god-rolly of any of these weapons, but man, I’m having a blast with this thing. I brought it up to masterwork level 6 over the weekend just so I could slap a Crucible kill tracker on it, and already have around 125 kills. The 860 charge time isn’t too lengthy, and provides for both high impact and solid range. These combined make this thing a threat to anyone up to midrange (including those annoying shotgunners), and even at range it’s a much more reliable one-hit kill than Main Ingredient (whose day in the sun as the fusion rifle par excellence may, I think, be over). Quickdraw makes for both great ready time and super-quick handling, and moving target makes landing the first shot that much easier (and seeing as how fusion rifles only spawn with two shots, landing each one is pretty important). The reload speed masterwork is not bad but also not great. Likewise, I wonder if either rangefinder or under pressure wouldn’t be a slightly more useful perk than quickdraw.

Dust Rock Blues: Precision-frame shotgun with smallbore or barrel shroud; steady rounds or accurized rounds; slideshot; and snapshot sights. Handling masterwork (man, RNG just loves giving me handling masterworks).

C’mon! It wouldn’t be a list of favorite Forsaken PvP rolls without a shotgun, right? This one is more of a demi-god roll, as full choke is the creme de la creme of barrel choices. Still, with a range stat of 84 (thanks to accurized rounds), slideshot (for even more range and stability after sliding) and snapshot sights, this thing is, as Aztecross would put it, pretty nasty. Pairs quite well with top-tree Nightstalker and St0mp-ee5 (or Stompies, colloquially). This gun is a reliable one-hit kill from distances that will surprise you. I’m still holding out for one with similar trait perks and full choke, though. That, plus a masterwork in some area other than handling (which, again, is redundant on a weapon with snapshot sights), would make this a dyed-in-the-wool god roll.

So, there you go! I gotta say, as someone who never played D1, I get it now. I get the reason people wanted random rolls back. Every engram you crack, every legendary you pick up, is a little flash of excitement, and I am eagerly chasing the next one. Tell me, friend: What god (or demi-god) rolls has RNGsus blessed you with?