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‘Blur’ review, E3 and more

| Racing fans looking for something a little different should head here and read my review of “Blur,” from Bizarre Creations and Activision. It’s a cool blend of licensed cars, real-world tracks and “Mario Kart”-inspired power-ups. Be prepared for some frustrating moments, but there’s plenty of fun to be had if you can keep from tossing your controller.

| The big news this week is the arrival of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Project Natal (it still hasn’t gotten an official name?) and Sony’s Move will grab the bulk of the headlines, but I’m expecting a few surprises, too. A redesigned Xbox 360? A new “Zelda” title for the Wii? A reason to actually visit Playstation Home? I’m prepared for anything right now. I’ll have plenty on E3 this week as the Big 3 have their media briefings. Microsoft kicks things off Monday at 1 p.m. EDT.

| E3 isn’t the only significant gaming event happening this week. The demo for “NCAA Football 11” drops Monday, June 14, and features eight teams and four potential matchups — Ohio State-Miami, Florida-Florida State, Texas-Oklahoma and Clemson-Missouri. As an added incentive to play the demo, gamers who play as each team can unlock those teams’ Nike Pro Combat jerseys for use in the full version of the game, which is set to arrive in July. Sharing the demo with people on your friends list unlocks the Pro Combats for Virginia Tech, LSU and TCU.

| And finally, this week sees only one major release — “Toy Story 3” — and if you haven’t had this game on your radar, you should, especially if you have young gamers in the house or are just a kid at heart, yourself. I’ve been playing the final release version for a few days now and have been very impressed with what I’ve seen. Look for my review later this week. 

That’s it for now. Remember to check back this week for updates from E3.