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‘Red Dead’ reviewed and other stuff

| Looking for a fun way to kill a few dozen hours this summer? Check out Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption.” You can read my full review here.

| In case you haven’t seen a calendar lately, the month of May — also known as quite possibly the greatest month in gaming EVER — is coming to an end. Just think about all the great titles that dropped this month — “Alan Wake,” “Red Dead Redemption,” “Super Mario Galaxy 2,” “UFC Undisputed 2010,” “Split/Second,” “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands,” “ModNation Racers,” etc., etc. Sure, there are big games still to come out this year, but I doubt any month will compete with May when it comes to the sheer number of quality titles.

| Rumors are heating up about Microsoft’s Project Natal as EA approaches. The latest buzz? Speculation is the unit will ship Oct. 26 for a hefty $150. A concrete date and price is almost certainly going to be announced at E3, but if the rumors are correct how many gamers will be willing to shell out that much for a peripheral?

| EA and Ubisoft are taking aim at used game sales by requiring codes to access certain features already included on the disc. These codes will be included with every new copy of a game, but those who purchase their games used at places like GameStop will have to purchase the code seperately. I, for one, applaud EA, Ubisoft and other publishers for taking a stand against used game sales. Hopefully this move will force used game retailers like Gamestop to adjust their pricing to more accurately reflect the products they sell.

| Is “Rock Band 3” ready to tickle the ivories? It looks that way, according to images floating around the Web. Does that mean we’ll finally get to rock out to some Elton John, Bruce Hornsby and Billy Joel? One can only hope.