Plugged In

Initial ‘NCAA 10′ thoughts

Well I managed to sneak in one game of “NCAA 10” last night after I got home from the office and I must say, my first impressions are quite favorable.

While the game looks very similar to “NCAA 09” it moves and feels very different. I’ve noticed a ton of new animations, both major and subtle. The downfield blocking by receivers on running plays was especially impressive. So, too, is the CPU’s ability and eagerness to throw the ball deep. The dreaded “Robo-QB” was nowhere to be seen in my first game as I saw the AI quarterback overthrow and just plain miss open receivers.

I’m also impressed by the CPU’s ability to run the ball, which was nonexistent in recent years without major slider tweaking. I was also able to generate a pretty consistent pass rush, which was another area of concern.

While it’s far to early to call “NCAA 10” a bonafide success, I liked what I saw in my first game (except for the fact I lost to Marshall, of all teams.) I’m going to try to squeeze in another game and mess or two before heading into the office today and will post more impressions later.