Plugged In

Summer has barely begun, but the video game industry is heating up with some excellent early-season offerings. Be sure to check out my reviews of Sony’s “InFAMOUS,” EA’s annual golf offering, “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10,” and Codemasters’ offroad racer “Fuel.”

Late Night with Project Natal

I’ve never been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon, but after seeing this clip, I might change my mind. The guy’s a gamer, and that makes him OK in my book. Here he goes hands-on with Project Natal, Microsoft’s new camera interface device. Check it out:

‘Up’ review online

Click here to check out my review of THQ’s “Up: The Video Game.” If you’ve got kids, or are a kid at heart yourself, you might want to give this one a look. It’s over before you know it, but there’s a fun time to be had while it lasts.

Time to cue Alice Cooper

Finally the school year is coming to a close. That means a lighter workload at my real job as a Gazette sports writer, along with more time to devote to the important things in life like vacation, playing video games and keeping up with this blog. (I’m sure there’ll be some family time in there, as well.)

I’m still catching up on all the goings-on from last week’s E3 and will have my take on the event in the next day or so. I’ve also got several reviews in the works, which you can, as always, read at the Video Games section of

Until next time …