Plugged In

The final — and most highly anticipated — installment of downloadable content for “Fallout 3,” “Broken Steel,” is now available for Xbox 360 and PC (sorry PS3 fans).

“Broken Steel” not only features a new ending to the original campaign and another 6-8 hours of fresh content, but it also raises the level cap from 20 to 30 and allows you to continue roaming the Capital wastes even after the main quest is finished. That’s a lot of gameplay for $10.

| “Fallout 3” developer Bethesda Softworks recently announced plans for the next installment in the award-winning franchise, tentatively titled “Fallout: Vegas.”

For “Vegas,” Bethesda is handing off development duties to Obsidian Entertainment, which includes members of the now-defunt Interplay Black Isle Studios that created the original “Fallout.” Details about “Fallout: Vegas” are scarce, but Bethesda says the new game will not be a sequel and will feature the same type of gameplay found in “Fallout 3.”

“Fallout: Vegas” isn’t expected to hit store shelves until 2010 at the earliest.