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‘Guitar Hero: Metallica’ review online

I’ve posted my review of the excellent “Guitar Hero: Metallica” at the Video Games section of Check it out here.

Microsoft adding ‘E74′ errors to warranty

Move over Red Ring of Death — there’s a new fatal error killing off Xbox 360s.

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Nintendo has announced its Wii Motion Plus controller attachment will arrive in stores June 8 and retail for a reasonable $19.99.

The accessory, which connects to the bottom of the Wii remote and increases the controller’s motion sensitivity to near 1-to-1 accuracy, will also be bundled with “Wii Sports Resort,” which ships July 26.

The advance release of the Wii Motion Plus is great news for sports gamers as both “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10” and “Grand Slam Tennis” — set to release in mid-June — take advantage of the new peripheral.

‘Madden 10′ release date announced

Mark it down on your calendar — “Madden NFL Football 2010” arrives in stores Aug. 14.

Looking for something to do while you’re waiting for WrestleMania 25 Sunday night? Why not check out my review of “WWE Legends of WrestleMania” at the Gazette’s Video Game section?