Plugged In

‘Guitar Hero’ rocks out at Park Place

My friend Mike Tawney (pictured) and I popped into Charleston’s Park Place Stadium Cinemas yesterday and I noticed an addition to the arcade — a shiny new “Guitar Hero” cabinet.

These “Guitar Hero Arcade” units are fresh off the assembly line —guithero.jpg the first games began appearing in arcades and theaters last month — and the one at Park Place is the first I’ve seen in the Capital City.

The game is based off of “Guitar Hero III” and includes a nice selection of tracks that can be played by one or two players. The guitar peripherals are noticably more sturdy (they’re downright heavy, actually) and don’t feature whammy bars. The 32-inch LCD screen and high-end speakers mean you’ll have no trouble following along to the music or the falling notes.

If you have yet to experience “Guitar Hero” or are just looking for a chance to rock out in public, check out the “Guitar Hero Arcade.”