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Interesting link from The Gazzfather

Doug Imbrogno, ruler of all things Gazz, passed along an interesting article from across the pond.

In the piece, which appears on the BBC’s Web site, Activision boss Mike Griffith is quoted as saying video games are “poised to eclipse all other forms of entertainment” in the coming years. Griffith’s comments were made during his speech at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas.

While it’s naive for anyone to continue to doubt the popularity of video games, I can’t see gaming overtaking movies and television as America’s top entertainment pastimes. The industry has made some big strides this console generation thanks in large part to the amazing success of the Nintendo Wii, but maintaining that momentum through a new generation of consoles will be the true test. Of course, that’s just my .02.

Anyway, the article is worth a read. Check it out here.