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‘Fable II’ reviewed and other stuff

Hey guys, jump over to the rechristened Video Games section at to check out my review of “Fable II.” As someone who didn’t really care for the original “Fable,” I was totally blown away by “Fable II.” It’s too early to declare “Fable II” the game of the year (I’m just getting started on “Fallout 3”) but it’s certainly worthy of consideration.

| You may have heard that The Beatles are finally set to make their video game debut. But Harmonix and MTV Games are keeping a tight lid on just what, exactly, a Beatles game would include. It’s not going to be a standalone “Rock Band” release like the “AC/DC Track Pack,” but I can’t imagine gamers would be jumping at the chance to drop another $170-plus on new instruments (there has been talk of a keyboard peripheral) just to play “Hey Jude,” “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” or whatever other classic Beatles tunes are included.

| It looks like the economic woes plaguing our country are finally beginning to hit the video game industry. Despite another solid sales quarter, mega-publisher Electronic Arts plans to lay off six percent of its work force.