Plugged In

Another one bites the dust

For the second time in a little over a year, the dreaded Red Ring of Death has struck. Later today, I’ll be packaging up my Xbox 360 and sending it back to Microsoft for repairs.

While my first hardware failure was completely unexpected, there were warning signs this time around. The disc drive, which was never exactly quiet, began making some strange noises. Then the screen began to freeze during each play session. That’s when the red lights arrived.

This is as good a time as any for my system to fail, I suppose. There’s not a whole lot coming out in the next 2-3 weeks that interests me, though “Tales of Vesperia” looks cool. And I would have liked to have played “NCAA 09” again now that the latest patch has been released. But that will have to wait.

Barring any unexpected delays, though, I should have my console back in time for the next big releases on my radar, “Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway” and “LEGO Batman,” both of which drop on Sept. 23.