Plugged In

Gamers on the juice?


According to a recent Reuters report, a Japanese supplement company has begun developing and marketing products aimed at that nation’s thriving population of videogame players.

Two different pills are available — one that claims to be good for vision and another that’s supposed to enhance concentration. The report failed to mention if either product delivered on its promise, but I’d be willing to bet there are gamers out there willing to try anything to gain a competitive edge. Remember the limited-edition ‘Halo 3’ Game Fuel? I imagine there were a few people who purchased that in hopes of getting a boost.

To each his own, but I would like to go on record (Rafael Palmeiro-style) and say that I have never, ever taken anything to enhance my gaming performance. Those minus-20 kill-to-death ratios on ‘Call of Duty 4’? That’s all natural, baby!