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To Prestige or not to Prestige . . .


Life is all about choices. Video games are no different.

Earlier this week I made a choice I’m beginning to regret. A lot.

If you’ve played “Call of Duty 4” — is there anyone who hasn’t played it? — you’re probably familiar with the game’s online ranking system. All players begin at the lowest level and, by earning XP while playing online, start climbing in rank. New weapons and perks are tied to these ranks, which means someone who has reached the pinnacle of level 55 has unlocked all the game has to offer.

Upon reaching level 55, gamers are presented with a choice — do nothing and continue playing with all of the goodies you’ve earned or enter Prestige mode and start over from the beginning with all of the weapons and perks locked. (You do get a special medal each time you Prestige. Guess how much that helps when you’re pinned down in a firefight?)

For the longest time, I was content to sit at level 55.

But in anticipation of the new map pack — which is now available to download on Xbox 360 (sorry PS3 owners) — I decided to take the plunge and trade in my pimped out assault rifle for a shiny star next to my name.

I went Prestige. And now I want to go back.

I miss my three frag grenades. I miss my P90 with a red-dot sight. I miss my gold Desert Eagle. I miss level 55.

But like a good soldier, I’ve begun my return to the top, though the climb has been slow. With any luck, I’ll be back at level 55 within a week or so. And then it will be decision time all over again.

Actually there will be no choice to make this time around. You can have Prestige. I’ll keep my P90.

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