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Rebuilding year for ‘NCAA 09′?

 EA Sports dropped the ball on “NCAA Football 08.” There, I said it.

NCAA Football 09 coverNo, “NCAA 08” wasn’t broken or unplayable. I even gave it a very favorable review. But the more time I spent with the game, the more I realized something was missing. The fun factor that made the “NCAA Football” franchise a must-purchase was gone. So much so that I was actually on the fence about picking up “NCAA 09.”

But just when I thought I was out, EA Sports reeled me back in this week with the announcement of features included in “NCAA 09.”

Online dynasties? Online roster sharing? A new animation system? Wide-open gameplay? Count me in.

You can read all about the new features in “NCAA 09” on the Plugged In page at With any luck, the developers can deliver on all of those promises.

I’m especially excited about the possibility of post-game presentation. EA has been sitting on the ESPN license for years and it’s time to incorporate the brand into EA Sports titles. If 2K Sports could do it with “NFL 2K5,” EA can do it “NCAA 09.” The question is whether it will.

We’ll have more on “NCAA 09” in the weeks leading up to its July 15 release.