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It’s ‘GTA IV’ Day!

The long wait for “Grand Theft Auto IV” is finally over. Rockstar’s gem went onsale at midnight at several retailers and should be available everywhere by this afternoon.

Having spent only a few hours with the game last night/early this morning, I can already say that the hype surrounding “GTA IV” was spot on. This game is legit. It’s the greatest “GTA” to date and one of the most painstakingly detailed and polished games I’ve ever seen.

I could keep gushing over how fantastic “GTA IV” is, but I need to go wreak more havoc on Liberty City. Expect a full review shortly, but in the meantime go out and grab this game. It’s an experience that’s not to be missed.

‘Madden NFL 09′ cover revealed


Former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre has been announced as the cover athlete for EA Sports’ “Madden NFL 09.”

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First ‘NCAA 09′ trailer here!

EA Sports has released the debut trailer for “NCAA Football 09.” It contains a look at some of the new features, like online roster sharing and online dynasties, as well as some gameplay footage.

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Review: ‘Dark Sector’


What do you get when you combine zombies, government conspiracies and Russians with the suit from “Guyver” and one of the coolest weapons in video game history? You get “Dark Sector,” of course.

Developer Digital Extremes has managed to blend these ideas, along with a heavy dose of third-person shooting and a little puzzle solving, to create an enjoyable — and sometimes frustrating — gaming experience for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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‘Super Mario Bros.’ — ‘Halo’ style

The title says it all. Check out this video and tell me you don’t want to play this game.

Gamers on the juice?


According to a recent Reuters report, a Japanese supplement company has begun developing and marketing products aimed at that nation’s thriving population of videogame players.

Two different pills are available — one that claims to be good for vision and another that’s supposed to enhance concentration. The report failed to mention if either product delivered on its promise, but I’d be willing to bet there are gamers out there willing to try anything to gain a competitive edge. Remember the limited-edition ‘Halo 3’ Game Fuel? I imagine there were a few people who purchased that in hopes of getting a boost.

To each his own, but I would like to go on record (Rafael Palmeiro-style) and say that I have never, ever taken anything to enhance my gaming performance. Those minus-20 kill-to-death ratios on ‘Call of Duty 4’? That’s all natural, baby!

To Prestige or not to Prestige . . .


Life is all about choices. Video games are no different.

Earlier this week I made a choice I’m beginning to regret. A lot.

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Rebuilding year for ‘NCAA 09′?

 EA Sports dropped the ball on “NCAA Football 08.” There, I said it.

NCAA Football 09 coverNo, “NCAA 08” wasn’t broken or unplayable. I even gave it a very favorable review. But the more time I spent with the game, the more I realized something was missing. The fun factor that made the “NCAA Football” franchise a must-purchase was gone. So much so that I was actually on the fence about picking up “NCAA 09.”

But just when I thought I was out, EA Sports reeled me back in this week with the announcement of features included in “NCAA 09.”

Online dynasties? Online roster sharing? A new animation system? Wide-open gameplay? Count me in.

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REVIEW: ‘MLB 08: The Show’


Ken Griffey Jr. steps to the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning on a cool May evening in Cincinnati. The Reds are tied with the visiting Chicago Cubs at 4. Griffey, sitting on 599 career home runs, is looking for an inside fastball from reliever Kerry Wood.

Wood delivers. And so does Junior. With the crack of the bat, the camera pulls back to show Griffey admiring his 410-foot bomb to right field. The announcers comment on the milestone homer and Junior’s teammates mob him at home plate. I jump out of my chair in celebration.

This is why I’m in love with “MLB 08: The Show.”

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