Plugged In

Power outages FTL

After sitting in the dark for the better part of the last two days, it feels good to finally be back in front of a working computer.

The storm that blew through the area in the wee hours of Tuesday morning knocked out the power at my house, leaving me cut off from the outside world until about 5 p.m. Thursday. Thankfully, my trusty red Nintendo DS was at full charge, so at least I had something to help pass the time.

I’ve spent so much time playing my consoles lately that I had forgotten how much I enjoy the DS. I popped in “Mario Kart DS” and immediately fell in love with the little racer all over again. The controls are tight, the graphics crisp and the gameplay solid. I also tried out “Jam Sessions”, the guitar-playing simulator from Ubisoft. It was OK, but I’ll wait for “Guitar Hero” to make its DS debut before trying out another portable music game.

With my power restored, I can finally tear into the two latest additions to my gaming library — “Devil May Cry 4” and “No More Heroes.” I’ll have reviews of both games soon, as long as the lights stay on.