Plugged In

If you tried to log on to Xbox Live during the past few weeks, chances are you’ve encountered some problems. Laggy gameplay, an inability to connect and constant disconnects were among the issues suffered by many gamers — yours truly included.  

Microsoft has acknowledged the issues with its online service and is ready to make amends. No, you won’t be getting back the time you spent staring at your television while waiting in vain for your console to connect to Xbox Live in order to play “Call of Duty 4” or “Halo 3,” but Microsoft is offering the next-best thing — a free Xbox Live Arcade title!!!

For five days, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 23 and running through Sunday, Jan. 27, both Gold and Silver Xbox Live members will be able to download Chair Entertainment’s action shooter “Undertow” free of charge. The game regularly costs 800 Microsoft Points, or about $10.