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NEWS: Original Xbox titles coming to Live

Microsoft has begun releasing details about its annual fall update to Xbox Live, and it sounds like this year’s update could be the best yet. Scheduled for Dec. 4, the fall update will allow gamers to download original Xbox titles to their Xbox 360 hard drives. That’s right. For 1,200 Microsoft Points (approx. $15), you’ll be able to download complete versions of “Halo,” “Fable,” “Psychonauts,” “Crimson Skies: Road to Revenge” or other unannounced titles.

Microsoft said it plans to add to the list of Xbox Originals on a regular basis. So if you’re like me and you cleaned out much of your original Xbox library to make room for next-gen titles, or if you simply missed out on the great games the original Xbox had offer, this a chance to make up for lost time. Now, you don’t need to scavenge through stacks of used games at your local Gamestop.

In conjuction with
the five-year anniversary of its online gaming service, Microsoft is giving away a free download of the Xbox Live Arcade game “Carcassonne” for 48 hours beginning Thursday, Nov. 15. There are also a handful of free themes available to grab, including one for “Gears of War,” “Mech Assault” and “Ghost Recon 2.” Microsoft has a special treat for gamers who’ve been supporting Xbox Live since the beginning. Every member who’s been with the service for all five years will receive 500 Microsoft Points to spend on whatever they choose. For more details on Microsoft’s Live is 5ive promotion, click here.