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Enter the Rapture — BioShock demo available


Today’s the day many gamers have been waiting on — the release of Madden ’08. But there’s another reason to fire up your Xbox 360 today — a demo for BioShock is now available.

That’s right. Gamers can now explore the underwater city of Rapture in 2K Games’ BioShock, an atmospheric — i.e. creepy — FPS that’s set to take the world by storm when it arrives on store shelves next week. The demo, which checks in at over 1.3 GB on the Xbox 360, is available via the Xbox Live Marketplace. It takes players through a tweaked version of the game’s first level, beginning with your escape from a fiery plane crash.

To say any more would spoil the experience, so just grab the demo, turn off the lights and hold on. BioShock is what next-gen gaming is all about.