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Every 360 dies…Not every 360 truly lives

At approximately 3 p.m. Thursday, I bid a final farewell to my Xbox 360.

By now, it should be on its way to its final resting place — a Microsoft service depot somewhere in Texas.

In about a month, a “new” console will arrive, but it just won’t be the same. My Xbox 360 and I shared countless unforgettable moments, like the first time we conquered Gears of War. Or the hundreds of hours we spent exploring the vast lands of Tamriel in Oblivion.

Now, all I have left are those memories — and a UPS tracking number.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional, so I’m going to stop thinking about the past and begin looking forward. Starting now, I’m going to focus on the abundance of great games coming out in the next few weeks that I’ll get to experience with my replacement console. Deep down, I know that’s what my old Xbox 360 would have wanted.

So check out these clips of EA Sports’ NCAA Football 08, 2K Sports’ All-Pro Football 2K8, South Peak Interactive’s RPG Two Worlds, and 2K’s eerie FPS BioShock. And before you fire up your favorite game today, take a moment to remember those consoles that have passed.

A wise man once said, “Every 360 dies . . . Not every 360 truly lives.” Well, my bulky game-playing friend, you lived. Oh yes, you lived. And these clips are for you.

Two Worlds

All-Pro Football 2K8

NCAA Football 08