One Month At A Time

33 Days

I was on the road a bit late last week and very distracted by some personal stuff, which kept me away from the blog –but I did get some workouts in.

My running continues to make some progress. Over the weekend, for my long run in 90 degree heat, I did ten miles while wearing a Camelbak hydration pack and carrying some Jelly Belly Sport Beans.

These taste a little weird, but seemed to help.

Between the two, I got through the run, though I had to pause once to run into a Starbucks to use the restroom.

Consider at a downside of drinking 3 liters of water.

Not to get all gross, but I was surprised by that.

Between the heat and the exertion, I was constantly sweating. At the end of the run, when I hit the shower at the YMCA, my shorts and shirt must have weighed a couple of pounds. My shoes were soaked through.

I felt like a melty Popsicle.

I couldn’t imagine how I’d need to go to a bathroom. I also have no idea what you do when you have to go when you’re on a Spartan course. Are there porta-johns? Should I look for a tree?

This reminds me of the tree from “Shawshank Redemption.” I wonder if there’s a box buried near it.

There will likely not be a Starbucks on the course with kind and charitable baristas who won’t mind if I stop in real quick and leave before anyone notices I haven’t purchased anything.

Anyway, the heat was grueling and I had folks who told me to not do the run, but… the race is going to be hot. They’re not going to call it off unless the rays of the sun begin to catch things on fire.

I needed to get a feel for how bad it could be.

It felt good to officially cross into double digits and I’m giving serious thought to doing the Charleston Distance Run the weekend following the Spartan Race.

This is what 10 miles looks like –without a noticeable tan.

CrossFit has continued to be good for me. I didn’t make it to the box over the weekend due to running and trying to figure out what I’ll be doing for the column in August.

But I had good workouts on Thursday and Friday. I’m looking forward to getting back to it today.

I also shaved off the beard. I’ve had some kind of facial hair for almost a year and to see my bare face again (and much different than I remember) was kind of jarring.

I’m still me, though. Others have argued that I’m not me, but that’s silly. I know I’m still me.

Other people I’m not so sure about.